Milestone K-12 Video Solutions

Empowering Schools with Tailored Video Management Solutions

Milestone's Video Management Software empowers educational administrators, security professionals and IT leadership with the confidence to custom build a tailored video management solution, solving the known pain points with innovative integrations from industry-leading security technologies.

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Milestone has worked with healthcare facilities around the world to deploy effective video solutions. Integrated systems and new ways of thinking about video for both security and non-security uses are helping healthcare organizations provide safe, efficient and secure healing environments.

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 Milestone Safe Cities

Milestone XProtect on AWS

Arcules VSaaS with Milestone XProtect

Milestone XProtect on-premise video management software integrates with Arcules Video Surveillance as a Service, delivering a hybrid solution ideal for organizations looking to centralize their remote video surveillance operations, while gaining uniform access to live video, recordings, and alarms across all cameras and sites connected on-prem or in the cloud.

Call 312.547.2508 to speak with a CDW expert today.

Call 312.547.2508 to speak with a CDW expert today.