LG Video and CDW

LG Electronics provides brilliant digital signage and commercial display solutions for your next visual refresh. See how CDW can provide easy, reliable acceibility to deploy LG solutions for your organization.

Capture Their Attention with Crisp, Vivid Large Format Displays from LG

LG's commercial LED 1080P HD and 4K Ultra HD displays feature IPS panels that display accurate and consistent colors from virtually all viewing angles. Perfect for digital signage applications.


LED All-in-One LAEC series has two size of screens; 136- inch and a 163-inch. The LAEC series is offered as an all-in-one package including an embedded controller and built-in speaker. After a simple installation process that neither requires controller connections or module configuration, all you need to do is to turn on the screen with the remote control like a home TV.

LG Createboard

By facilitating 40 points of touch along with a robust set of features; teams can brainstorm, ideate, and communicate ideas more effectively in real-time with LG Createboard. With providing seamless collaboration and information sharing; the LG CreateBoard enables teams to work together more efficiently by increasing productivity and enhancing better outcomes for business.

LG Electronics UHD Display Meeting in Office

Clear Color Expression of UHD Content

Improve business productivity in any location with Ultra HD displays. All content is delivered in vivid colors and with fine details, giving your audience a clearer viewing experience.

For brilliant displays built for any environment, call 800.800.4239 to create a custom LG and CDW solution today.