Kingston and CDW

Meet all your memory and storage needs with Kingston and CDW.

About Kingston

Kingston makes technology products that empower innovation. For home, for business, Kingston is right there with you. Offering a full range of SSD, DRAM and encrypted USB drives, Kingston provides quality components, rigorous testing and industry-leading warranties.


Kingston is with You

Kingston memory and storage products are relied on worldwide by corporations, data centers and technology enthusiasts alike.

Kingston Solutions

For quality, reliability, price and performance, here's why Kingston is the smarter choice.

Memory Products

Increase your desktop’s or laptop’s processing power with Kingston memory add-ons. They’re guaranteed to be compatible and offer a great cost-performance benefit, plus better multitasking, faster processing of media files and smoother streaming.

Solid State Drives

Kingston’s fast and reliable SATA and NVMe SSDs are also a great choice for new PC builds, servers and system builders. 

Flash Products

Get on-the-go data storage and data storage accessories.

Gaming Products


Get your game on with Kingston Fury RAM.

Kingston Resources

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