Ergotron and CDW

Ergonomic and human-centered design principles from Ergotron and CDW

About Ergotron

Ergotron's award-winning brands, including WorkFit™,  LearnFit® and CareFit™, support everyday wellness and productivity by infusing movement into offices, classrooms and healthcare environments.

Ergotron: A Movement Company

Best-Selling Ergotron Workstations and Mounts

Transform sedentary office environments into active spaces that promote productivity and well-being for all workers.

Best-Selling Ergotron Wall Mounts

Make sure your technology follows you—not the other way around—with adjustable wall mounts, desk-mount monitor stands and monitor arms.


Best-Selling Ergotron Charging Solutions

Keep your school’s smart devices like laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and tablets safety stored and charged for every lesson.

Best-Selling Ergotron Medical Carts

Enhance workflows and drive positive patient experiences with medical carts and monitor wall mounts that help caregivers thrive.

Ergotron Resources

Ergotron® WorkFit-TX

Take a look at the Ergotron WorkFit -TX. This workstation’s innovative low profile ensures a comfortable position whether sitting or standing.

Ergotron LearnFit

See how deploying LearnFit Standing Desks in their 5th-grade classroom allowed students at Emmanuel College to move freely and collaborate.

HX Monitor Arm

At First Sight Films needed monitor arms that could lift their screens off their desks and manage cables to create a clean aesthetic for their new studio.