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Mobile Device Management is Crucial for a Mobile Federal Workforce

MDM is a great tool for agencies that now have a larger mobile workforce.

The image we have in our minds of the workplace has evolved over the past few years. The advancements in technology allow us to no longer be locked into the image of a desk with a desktop computer in a small cubicle. For productivity and efficiency to thrive, mobility became a necessity for all organizations.

The evolving working landscape has not only been a factor to consider for private organizations, but federal organizations have also had to adapt to the changes. Federal agencies require quick action and having a mobile workforce ensures their ability to guarantee mission success. Agencies have a lot of sensitive information to protect on their mobile devices, and that needs to be considered when choosing a new solution to help them manage their mobile devices.  

Because of their special requirements, it is crucial for federal agencies to have solutions in place to help them manage all the mobile devices in their network.  

What Can Mobile Device Management Offer?

Mobility is great for productivity and efficiency, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Each device can come with different operating systems and security capabilities as well as different functions. Organizations will need a way to ensure that it can handle the management of each device in a way that aligns with their needs or demands.

Having a mobile device management (MDM) solution can allow you to control smartphones, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices from a single console. From this single console, it can automate critical management and security tasks for any device in your organization.

The Next Evolution of MDM Helps Federal Agencies Achieve Mission Success

Federal agencies must ensure the protection of very sensitive pieces of information. They need to ensure the parameters put in place offer the greatest protection to their organization.

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is a solution that works to manage all the devices in an organization from a single console. UEM is the latest solution for Mobile Device Management, and it has integrated and improved upon older MDM solutions. The UEM platform will allow you to manage and secure devices that are outside of the organization’s network and do not have to be domain bound. 

UEM offers federal agencies the opportunity to set parameters such as:

  • Applying and enforcing security patches. Admins can specify password length, complexity and multifactor authentication.
  • Controlling apps and applications. Agencies are able to control what apps can be used on employee devices.
  • Keeping endpoint security solutions up to date. Admins can install the latest security firewalls and anti-virus definitions on devices.
  • Wiping or locking lost or stolen devices. As a last line of defense, UEM allows admins to locate a device and be able to wipe a device and prevent sensitive information to be accessed by someone unauthorized.

Having these parameters in place offers federal agencies consistency that will help prevent security breaches and misconfiguration errors. The last thing we want is for a federal agency to be vulnerable to a cyberattack or an unauthorized user get access to sensitive information.

CDW•G understands that your federal agency will need support through the process of creating and designing the best MDM solution. Our dedicated subject matter experts have the knowledge and expertise you will need to seamlessly integrate an MDM solution into your organization.

Brent Wagner

Workspace Solutions Architect
Brent Wagner has been a CDW•G  workspace solutions architect for the last three years. He has been assisting Federal and Civilian clients on developing vendor neutral tailored full-stack solutions, that encompass device management and life-cycle, and end-user experience.