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How AI Is Making Healthcare Smarter

Healthcare organizations have an unprecedented opportunity to experience significant returns from investments in AI-powered solutions from trusted partners.

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Trusted partners can help your healthcare organization plan and implement an efficient, powerful, secure AI solution.

Discover what’s possible

Before healthcare organizations can fully realize the possibilities of their AI investments, clinicians and the public must be further educated on the life- and cost-saving possibilities of AI-assisted healthcare.

Training within healthcare could significantly improve with AI. According to Accenture, half of all healthcare organizations plan to use AI for learning purposes.

Healthcare could become less expensive. According to a study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, broader adoption of AI could save 5%–10% a year in healthcare spending (up to $360 billion) without sacrificing quality or access.

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Clinicians could have more time for direct patient care. Generative AI could augment 40% of healthcare working hours.

Healthcare organizations must keep clinicians and IT teams informed of advancements in AI and their applications. This includes making the move from CPU-only to GPU-powered accelerated computing to efficiently manage data and deliver fast, accurate results.

Familiarity with AI technology, ranging from AI software to accelerated infrastructure, should also be shared earlier in healthcare training so practical new applications can be recommended by clinicians as they progress in their careers.

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How is AI accelerating innovation right now?

The potential of AI in healthcare seems unlimited, so it may feel challenging to know where to start investing for the greatest return.

AI is already improving the lives of patients and clinicians in measurable ways. Use these successes as examples of the promise AI holds to reduce costs in healthcare organizations while improving patient outcomes.

Medical Imaging Icon

Medical Imaging

AI-powered imaging tools are helping clinicians detect, measure and predict risks for tumors. Already, 30% of radiologists say they use AI in their practices, according to a global survey conducted by the European Society of Radiology.

AI imaging tools can also help train ​​AI solutions with synthetic images and generate reports — creating results with fewer biases and freeing clinicians and staff to work on their priority initiatives.

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Drug Discovery

Through AI-powered tools, researchers can model millions of molecules — picking up patterns in proteins, predicting properties, building 3D structures and creating novel proteins.

All of this greatly accelerates drug screening and drug discoveries. The time and cost savings are so clear that a new survey from Atheneum and Proscia reports 82% of life sciences organizations using digital pathology have begun implementing AI.

Genomics Icon


As instrumentation costs have decreased, healthcare organizations have turned their focus to analysis. Using AI tools and hardware engineered for AI workloads, analysts are better able to identify rare diseases and customize therapeutics.

In fact, last year The New England Journal of Medicine published a record-breaking technique, aided in part by NVIDIA, by which an entire genome was sequenced in a little over seven hours.

Purdue University researcher Dr. Giovanna Carpi and her team were able to perform analyses 27 times faster using NVIDIA GPU processing with a five-fold decrease in cost compared to traditional CPU processing.

Find the right tools for the job

The bigger the model, the better the insights. When data quantity and fast, accurate analysis can make an impact on patient outcomes, organizations must equip themselves with infrastructure engineered specifically for efficient processing.

NVIDIA is bringing healthcare into the modern GPU-powered era with a portfolio of accelerated computing solutions included with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise family, the end-to-end software for production AI.

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Using the NVIDIA Clara™ framework, included in NVIDIA AI Enterprise, healthcare organizations have generated blueprints for two novel proteins, achieved 30-times-faster genomic processing with Parabricks®, and sped up data preparation in one radiology department from eight months to one day using MONAI-powered imaging solutions.

The NVIDIA BioNeMo generative AI cloud service substantially improves efficiency through the rapid generation of the structures and functionalities of proteins and biomolecules — accelerating the creation of new drug candidates.

Partner with trusted experts

Even if you acquire all the appropriate infrastructure, there’s no guarantee the data collected will be useful to the organization.

CDW unites infrastructure from close partners like NVIDIA with experienced specialists to make the most of your data. CDW implements the software, hardware and services needed to deploy AI solutions that are perfectly suited for your organization’s opportunities.

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