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Five9 Puts Callers in Contact with the Future

Five9’s artificial intelligence turns human calls into positive virtual agent experiences.

As a market leader in the contact center world, Five9 continues to develop upon its virtual agent technology, enabling customers to access information or meet their needs without the need for human intervention. Between these advancements and Agent Assist, along with its existing contact center features, Five9 is providing more value and making good on its claims to reboot the contact center experience.

Not Your Parents’ AI

As artificial intelligence has caught up to consumers’ expectations, contact centers have embraced the technology to deliver positive experiences for customers and those who work in the call centers.

Gone are the days of frustrating customers with legacy technology. With today’s great AI advancements, humans and non-humans can communicate effectively. This eases the load of contact center agents, allowing them to excel in specific use cases, while the virtual agent can handle any volume of calls.

Five9 differentiates itself with its Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA). Making use of its own natural language understanding and utilizing other services (including Lex, Watson and Google’s Dialogflow), this IVA gives customers the option to choose their preferred underlying technology.

Simplified Interface, Complex Capabilities

Five9 allows customers to design, build and test agents right from its user interface. There is no need for diagraming software, interactions with other flows or anything so complex. Simply start building with the straightforward palette, and you can have a virtual agent to test in just a few clicks. From that same interface, you can call into your agent and test what you have built.

Competitors require many more configurations and integrations to just get started.

While the interface is simple, that doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish complex tasks or integrations. Five9 allows for the use of biometrics to authenticate users or take advantage of in-app data stores to access and update information.

Within the Five9 Call Studio interface, you can integrate with any number of systems using standard API technology. This includes CRMs, ticketing software, and cloud data sources.

Connect with your cloud-accessible infrastructure and turn a large portion of your human interaction calls into a positive virtual agent experience for the consumer, letting your agents work on the calls that truly require them.

Interact Anywhere

Does your customer want to use online chat? Do they want to interact via text? Do they want to switch between the two, or perhaps move to voice? You can seamlessly move between communication methods with your virtual agent. Maintain the conversation, receive, and send information in the most appropriate way.

Transcripts and Agent Assist

When an agent is required for a call, there is no need for them to start from scratch. They receive the full transcript of interactions as they receive a call. They can also use a summary and continue assisting the consumer without breaking stride, maintaining that positive experience.

While your agent is assisting that customer, they can utilize Five 9’s Agent Assist to have the right information in their interface. This helps with script adherence and upsell, and it can quickly get a new agent taking calls.

CDW Makes IT Happen

Here at CDW, we know Five9 well. If you are ready to dip a toe or take the plunge into the future of contact center, our ICX experts are ready to guide you through the entire process from purchasing to programming to optimal performance.

Story by Nick Pappas. As an ICX principal consultant, Nick has years of experience in unified communications, contact center and natural language, as well as development.