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What is IT Discovery?

Learn more about the process of IT discovery and how CDW can help establish or stabilize your technology ecosystem.

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What's Inside

IT discovery involves the comprehensive identification, documentation and comprehension of various components constituting an organization's IT landscape. The objective is to gain insights into the intricate network of IT assets, systems, applications, infrastructure and related elements. This understanding forms the bedrock for efficient management, strategic decision-making, continuous improvement and alignment with organizational objectives and standards.

The Foundation of IT Discovery

The process of IT discovery encompasses several fundamental aspects, each playing a vital role in establishing a clear perspective of the organization's technological ecosystem.

1. Inventory and Asset Identification

At the core of IT discovery lies the identification and cataloging of all IT assets within the organization. This includes hardware, software, networking devices and other essential components. Creating a thorough inventory ensures a holistic view of the technological foundation.

2. Software and Application Discovery

Understanding the software and applications in use is crucial. This involves identifying, documenting and categorizing the myriad of software applications running on various devices and servers. This includes licensed, unauthorized or unsupported software, aiding in better software management.

3. Network Discovery

Mapping the organization's network architecture is imperative for a seamless IT infrastructure. This involves identifying devices, connections, protocols and configurations. An in-depth understanding of the network is critical for effective IT management and troubleshooting.

4. Data Discovery

In today's data-driven world, understanding and classifying sensitive or critical data within the organization is vital. Identifying the location and flow of data is crucial for compliance, security and effective data governance.

5. Configuration and Infrastructure Discovery

The discovery process encompasses the documentation of configurations, server setups, cloud resources and other infrastructure elements. This insight into the infrastructure provides a foundation for optimal IT operations and management.

6. Dependency Mapping

Understanding dependencies and relationships between various IT components is essential. This mapping enables the assessment of potential impacts during changes or failures, aiding in effective risk management and business continuity planning.

7. Compliance and Security Discovery

Ensuring compliance with industry standards, regulatory requirements and security policies is an integral part of IT discovery. By identifying the organization's standing in these areas, necessary steps can be taken to maintain a secure and compliant IT environment.

The Goal and Significance

The overarching goal of IT discovery is to provide a panoramic, up-to-date view of the IT environment. This panoramic view, enriched with comprehensive data, empowers organizations to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, enhance security measures and align IT strategies with organizational objectives and industry standards.

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