December 22, 2023

5 min

What Is Intelligent Customer Care and How Can it Improve Tech Support?

In today's interconnected world, seamless customer interactions are crucial, but organizations may not be equipped to handle unexpected events. Let's delve into these challenges and discuss how intelligent customer care can enhance tech support.

In the realm of modern, interconnected experiences, the need for seamless and efficient customer interactions has become paramount. However, organizations aren't always set up properly to handle customer care in unanticipated life events or circumstances. Let's explore a few of these instances and how intelligent customer care can improve tech support.

Accidents happen, and you need support.

Picture this: it's three in the morning, and a sudden emergency unfolds. Your son, unharmed but shaken, has been involved in a car accident. In this critical moment, traditional avenues for assistance are closed, yet the demand for swift action persists. You need to access your son's insurance online and have his car towed.

In our fast-paced world, where immediacy is a non-negotiable expectation, instances like these underscore the significance of 24x7x365 access to services. The question arises: how do we reconcile this demand with the limitations of human availability? This conundrum is where technology bridges the gap, offering solutions that transcend temporal constraints.

In this same scenario, imagine a 24-hour tow service accessed through a digital interface, employing a chatbot to efficiently coordinate the retrieval and repair of your son's damaged vehicle. While you might initially think, "Ugh, I just want to talk to a person," before you know it, your needs are met, and you're en route to check on your son.

It would help if you had medical guidance.

Navigating the intricacies of medical preparation for surgery can be daunting. Imagine this scenario: it's the day of your surgery. You've prepped and talked with your doctor but you can't remember: Can I drink water? Can I eat food? You click on the link to the surgery center and access the chatbot. "Can I drink water before outpatient surgery?" The chatbot clarifies with a few questions — such as what type of surgery and when do you plan to have it — and then provides direction. Phew! Now you know that you can have some food. Good thing — you were getting hungry.

In this scenario, the efficacy of such tools in providing accurate and timely information proves instrumental in alleviating anxieties and facilitating a smoother experience for the user.

You need customer service to coordinate your next financial decision.

The frustration of prolonged wait times and inefficient transfers during customer service calls is a common grievance in the financial arena. If you've ever tried to refinance your home, you know a phone call with your bank is an inevitable first step. Now imagine that every time you call the bank, you sit on hold for 45 minutes — and even though you understand it takes time, you can't believe it when the person who answers your call must transfer you again to get to the right person.

Next, you call a different bank, and the voice options move you to the correct queue. You speak to the agent and are amazed to hear that since implementing AI, they have been able to solve customer problems more quickly, direct people correctly, and provide a better service experience overall. The transformative impact of AI becomes evident as you effortlessly process a loan, liberated from the shackles of cumbersome traditional procedures.

The future is intelligent customer care.

As a culture, it’s an expectation that customer experience should mean 24x7x365 access. We expect support and help and the correct answers — and we expect it now. Human beings can't be available 24x7x365, even if we have on-call assistance in some service areas, such as emergency medical support. In other areas, it just doesn't make sense to have this type of always-on service. That’s where intelligent customer care can come into play to provide game-changing tech support.

CDW's Customer Experience practice is at the forefront of this paradigm shift, collaborating with clients to cultivate streamlined communication across their organizations. Whether optimizing call center environments, integrating private Chat GPT solutions, or tailoring customer and internal prompts, our focus remains steadfast: empowering businesses to deliver service promptly, accurately and intuitively.

In an era where customer expectations are synonymous with immediacy and precision, CDW's commitment is to align technology with business roadmaps, ensuring customer success through elevated interactions. CDW can help elevate your conversations by aligning technology with business road maps and ensuring customer success.

Eric Paine

Delivery Manager
Eric Paine, delivery manager for customer experience at CDW, holds a Master of Science degree in management of technology with more than 20 years in network and telephony solutions. Specializing in healthcare IT, Paine excels in voice, video, network, transformational programs, vendor management and building trusted client relationships.
Kathryn Averyheart

Kathryn Averyheart

Presales Manager
Kathryn Averyheart, CDW's presales manager for customer experience, brings more than 20 years of expertise, specializing in government and corporate partnerships. A leader in fostering intelligent customer experiences, she has held and excelled in roles like field account executive and national analytics solution architect, showcasing sales success and a dedication to servant leadership.