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Enterprise License Agreements: Ensure Your IT Needs Are the Priority

Partnering with a dedicated enterprise level agreement provider can elevate your organization to new heights. Here are three reasons why.

Having the right tools and support for success within any organization is essential. When selecting an enterprise license agreement (ELA) provider, partnering with one genuinely invested in your organization’s success can make a significant difference. Before signing off on your next ELA, it's important to know what resources and expertise are available to you.

Here are three things to look for in your ELA provider to ensure your IT needs are a priority.

  1. Personalized guidance over sales pitches ensures your organization’s needs are a priority.
    When navigating the complexities of ELAs, it is vital to have an ELA provider who provides guidance tailored to your organization’s unique needs and goals. A dedicated provider will take the time to understand your organization’s objectives and offer solutions that align with them.

    For this reason, it is imperative that you are clear about your priorities and parameters around your environment and what you are or are not interested in learning more about. For example, if you’re looking to expand your environment, but are not interested in conducting any instances in the cloud, share that information. After all, uninformed guidance is as beneficial as a sales pitch for unnecessary products and services.

    When seeking guidance, it’s important to rely on experts who specialize in the specific products or services you’re interested in. For example, if you want to explore VMware products, ask to speak to VMware experts. Your organization requires the products you use to run well with your current environment, systems and the people you have in place. Don’t shortchange yourself by talking to the wrong person.

  2. Maximization of environment utilization provides the best return on investment.
    An enterprise license agreement (ELA) is valuable only if you maximize your environment's potential. A committed provider will work closely with you to ensure that you are making the most of your environment. Whether it's optimizing software usage or identifying areas for improvement, they will help you make the best use of your investment. By maximizing the utilization of your environment, you will not only cut costs but also enhance productivity and efficiency.

    It's important to note that the extent and quality of how you utilize your environment will change over time. Some providers offer ongoing support for ELAs, allowing you to assess and fine-tune your environment continuously.

  3. Customized education and support ensure your business and team thrive.
    Tailored support can be transformative. Ask your ELA provider about extra resources, such as workshops and assessments. It may take time to incorporate specific products, or it may require personalized assessments. If you are contemplating significant product implementations, make use of these extra resources.

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Matt Leung

VMware customer success manager at CDW
Matt Leung, a VMware customer success manager at CDW, has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry.