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Publishing Dashboard Improves Communication and Efficiency

With CDW's help, one healthcare company enabled contract doctors to find content quickly and effortlessly on any device.


Here at CDW, we get the need to communicate and collaborate with others quickly and easily. It is the lifeblood of how we do business, as it is for many of our customers. Using the “Content Is King” approach, we leverage interactive workshops to gain insights into our customers’ unique business needs. Once we have a good handle on that, my team transforms those insights into a working solution that is unique, flexible and professional, while adhering to the customers’ brand identity. A recent solution we implemented really highlights the value that this kind of approach yields.

The Challenge: Digital Disconnect

After meeting with a national medical imaging network, we brought to light an issue where multiple contract doctors were having visibility issues into resources impacting their performance. Furthermore, these doctors were outside the corporate network, which made it extremely difficult to find real-time information on their compensation and other work-related documents. This forced them to log in to various programs or sites, losing valuable time. Due to personal health information (PHI) compliance, it was crucial that security was set up correctly for each doctor along with storage archiving, encryption and file restrictions.

The Requirement: Robust Content-Publishing Capabilities

Our team was tasked with creating a place where each doctor could log in, see content that is unique to them and share information with others using any mobile device. It was also important that specific content authors could not only upload content in one place, but also share that content with certain individuals by simply applying predetermined metadata gathered from our workshops.

The Solution: A Convenient, Secure Content Dashboard

The solution we applied was a device-agnostic dashboard that allows for quick dynamic data using single sign-on for each doctor, allowing them to search and scope content using multiple categories, ask questions to colleagues, surface relative content, and organize content into a fast and friendly experience with a single click.


An example of a publishing dashboard that puts essential information at doctors’ fingertips.


Each doctor logs in using their own username and password, and the data that was presented is unique to that individual and their area of expertise. We created a newsfeed that allows instant communication among other doctors, a news platform to communicate current information to everyone, recent documents to present new content, and financial information that is exclusive to each doctor logging in. Using the left column as navigation, we harnessed SharePoint search to pull content from multiple sources and display it quickly with an initial screen load. This creates an extremely fast load time with filters for dynamically sifting through content based on the users need.


The technologies that doctors can now access, thanks to the new dashboard.


In the end, the ROI of this publishing dashboard was measured by the reduced amount of time it took for doctors to get information, communicate and function as a team. No more extra logins or days waiting for the right information to be sent via email. What took days now took minutes. It also allowed more freedom for doctors to walk around using any mobile or tablet device.

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