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Modernize Federal Government Services With SAMA and SkyMap

Explore how CDW’s proprietary tools can help your federal agency modernize applications and infrastructure.

Modernizing legacy systems within federal government agencies is necessary to improve digital service offerings for the citizens they serve. This transformation requires upgrading applications and physical infrastructures to ensure seamless communication across agencies. Modernization is also crucial for timely responses to security threats and other critical operations.

Beginning the modernization journey can be overwhelming without a clear strategy. Here, we’ll outline how CDW Government's proprietary assessment tools can help set you up for success.

CDW Government's Proprietary Tools: SAMA and SkyMap

Having a well-rounded comprehensive understanding of your system offers a great advantage in your modernization journey. There are many companies that offer you one of these reporting tools as an option. However, working with CDW Government, which has both assessments available, will give you the information you need to create the best strategy for your agency. The goal is to maintain optimal performance no matter what stage of the journey you are in.

Benefits of Strategic Application Modernization Assessment (SAMA)

Effective application modernization strengthens security, reduces operational costs and simplifies maintenance processes. SAMA helps federal agencies analyze existing legacy code automatically to highlight barriers to modernization, providing specific targeting and guidance for problematic code segments.

SAMA simplifies the modernization of your legacy systems using automated code-scanning technology. No need for time consuming interviews — this technology automatically detects code issues hindering modernization. CDW Government experts will review the findings and create a customized roadmap tailored to your unique application portfolio, taking the stress off your development and operations teams.

Benefits of SkyMap

SkyMap facilitates the government's transition to cloud services, enabling efficient and reliable migration and data recovery service.

SkyMap plans specific, easy migrations from legacy infrastructure, identifying optimal cloud strategies, optimizing workload placement and eliminating inefficiencies associated with traditional data centers.

Advantages of Modernizing With SAMA and SkyMap

Modernizing both applications and infrastructure simultaneously guarantees a seamless transition that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness. Here are some of the benefits gained by using both tools to execute your modernization strategy:

  1. Enhanced reliability: Seamless communication across agencies and devices is significantly improved when applications and infrastructure are strategically aligned, enabling unified and efficient operations.

  2. Cost reduction: Optimal application deployment and streamlined infrastructure minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs, freeing up resources for more critical tasks.

  3. Scalability: Cloud-based solutions enabled by SkyMap allow agencies to scale resources up or down according to demand, ensuring agile responses to fluctuating requirements.

  4. Security: Strategically aligned applications and infrastructure enhance the government's ability to swiftly respond to evolving security threats, critical for safeguarding sensitive data and operations.

A well-crafted modernization strategy using SAMA and SkyMap empowers federal agencies to achieve significant benefits in security, efficiency and service delivery. These tools enable the seamless integration of modern technologies into legacy systems, ensuring the government remains agile and responsive in time sensitive operations.

CDW Government’s Commitment

CDW Government provides comprehensive tools and support throughout your modernization journey, ensuring that your agency ensures the full potential of modern technologies to meet the evolving needs of citizens effectively. Our decades of experience makes us your trusted partner in federal IT modernization initiatives.

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