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Data Modernization Beyond Data Migration

Building a modern data platform is essential when keeping up with the pace of advancements in data. A modern data platform helps improve data availability, provides flexibility for future growth and promotes innovation.

When making important decisions, organizations need data that is complete, accessible and trustworthy. The more we use data and become beneficiaries of its insights, the more we need data we can trust. A modern data platform offers a complete solution that helps embed analytics into decision-making, which improves data quality and makes data accessible to everyone in an organization. 

The Benefits of Building a Modern Data Platform

Many organizations continue to use dated data practices and architectures that are hindering their business. Instead of simply migrating data from one system to another, organizations should consider modernizing their data strategy by building a modern data platform that can resolve multiple data challenges, incorporate new technology such as AI and machine learning (ML), and provide the foundation a company needs to become truly data-savvy. 

The ability of a modern data platform to support the latest software and technology helps organizations gain a competitive edge in their industry. But even within an organization, the benefits are many. A modern platform’s centralized management system allows businesses to control their extensive amounts of data, ensuring their data is complete, compliant and managed effectively — which leads to better data quality, data governance and decision-making.

Modern platforms have many other characteristics that help build trust in data.

  1. Nearly unlimited flexibility – Modern data platforms embrace the best of the cloud to scale as needed to align with business needs, and swap technology in and out depending on what's best in the industry. This flexibility allows users to trust that their data can grow with their business without sacrificing speed.
  2. Secure and governed data access – In a modern data platform, data environments are unified for streamlined governance and security. A modern data platform provides tools for setting data access controls, auditing and overall data management. These tools help achieve better data governance and quality and strengthen the ability to maintain compliance with industry regulations.
  3. Data for everyone – This principle ensures that data and insights are not limited to specific departments but are accessible to everyone in the organization who requires it, despite their technical backgrounds or roles. 

Steps to Building a Modern Data Platform

Modernizing data practices begins with an honest and thorough look at an organization’s current data infrastructure. Additionally, an organization must define business needs; assess existing challenges; employ the right people, processes and tools; and continuously evolve. Organizations can benefit from having a trusted third-party partner with cross-industry expertise to guide their team through these conversations and decisions. With a thorough assessment of your organization’s data infrastructure, our team can provide personalized recommendations and architectures that cater to your unique needs, considering factors such as the size of your organization’s IT department and the data most important to your business. 

Focusing on building a modern data platform that meets your organization's data needs instead of simply migrating data enables innovation across departments, with a framework that can grow to support that innovation. Organizations willing to make this investment will have access to quality data they can trust, making business users more efficient, confident and empowered to make big decisions.

Story by Rex Washburn Head of Modern Data Platforms

Rex Washburn

Rex Washburn

Data Solution Architect
Rex Washburn, a data solution architect with more than 30 years of experience in data and analytics. At CDW, he serves as Head of Modern Data Platforms and Lead Architect based out of St Louis, Missouri.