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September 21, 2020

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How Configuration Services Simplify Asset Management

From device management enrollment to delivering a powered and fully configured device, configuration services from the right partner can make all the difference.

CDW Expert CDW Expert
Sometimes, I feel like CDW configuration services are the best-kept secret in enterprise IT. The customers who have relied on us for years keep coming back because of how much time and energy we can save them, allowing their internal IT staff to focus more on mission-critical projects than device configuration.

Learn how CDW Configuration Services can simplify your technology deployment.

But many business and IT leaders simply don’t know that we’re out here (or what we do). As a result, they tie up their own IT professionals with time-consuming — but necessary — tasks and projects that end up extending the amount of time it takes to get devices into users’ hands.

Here are six ways that configuration services can help your business simplify its operations.

1. Management Enrollment

Especially with the recent spike in remote work, more and more organizations are leveraging device management tools to help them secure and manage their assets. Our configuration center is able to enroll new devices in management portals, taking this load off of the shoulders of internal IT staffers. This goes a long way toward providing peace of mind to organizations that their data is secure from the moment the device is taken out of the box.

2. Hardware Integration

We’re able to preinstall additional memory, hard drives, video cards and other hardware components to ensure that new devices meet an organization’s specifications. This has become a less central component of what we do as higher-performing machines have become more widely available (and less expensive). However, there are times when organizations have difficulty procuring devices that meet their needs; for instance, when COVID-driven remote work earlier this year triggered a shortage of laptops. In such cases, we can help companies get the performance they need by integrating hardware components from our inventory.

3. Software Configuration

Customers who rely on our configuration center receive their computers, mobile devices and servers with operating systems and apps already installed. This is a timesaver in any case, but it’s especially important when many employees are working from home. These employees can simply power up their new devices, enter their login credentials and get to work with all of the applications they’ll need to do their jobs.

4. Asset Tagging

Something as simple as an asset tag can provide tremendous value — helping organizations keep track of their inventory, manage warranty cycles and schedule refreshes. But many organizations lack the internal processes and tools to quickly and effectively tag and track their devices. We offer both standard and custom asset tags, and can also apply customer-supplied tags to end-user devices. These tags typically include information such as serial numbers, MAC addresses and a tech support number for users to call when needed.

5. Mobility

Enterprise use of smartphones and tablets continues to grow tremendously, and we have technicians who specialize in configuring these mobile devices. This includes app installations, enrollment in management programs and operating system updates. Our technicians can also outfit devices with an appropriate case, ensuring they are protected from the moment employees unbox them.

6. Quality Control

Some organizations have specific security requirements for their devices, such as wanting Bluetooth connections or smartphone cameras disabled, and we take care of all these details before the devices are shipped. We also ensure that each device arrives at least 50 percent charged, and we physically inspect each one individually to prevent dead-on-arrival devices. When a device leaves our configuration center, it’s truly ready to be powered up and put to work.