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December 27, 2018

3 min

DevOps Brings IT and Programmers Together for Seamless Integration and Collaboration

Break the silos, open the lines of communication, facilitate collaboration and watch how quickly technology innovation can be unleashed.


While it’s true that software developers and network administrators both work in technology, the reality is that they work on different ends of the technology spectrum. We often talk about the gap that exists between IT and its line-of-business counterparts, but the difference actually lies between agile, iterative, experimental app developers and their more defense-minded, process-oriented and skeptical IT operations counterparts.

DevOps is an operating model and mindset that seeks to close that gap and enable the developers who create programs and applications to work successfully with the IT professionals responsible for maintaining the environments they code in and deploying their code to the world.

While you might have heard the buzz about DevOps over the past few years, you might still be wondering what the big deal about DevOps is.

Watch our video to get CDW’s perspective on why a collaborative operating model makes for a better product and a healthier innovation culture, and ultimately, a lot more scale and agility when it comes to technology.

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