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Dell Services Deliver IT Expertise When, Where and How Organizations Need It

From data center modernization to endpoint security, expert support can speed up and simplify the work of achieving business outcomes.

Uncertainty is a common factor in many organizations’ IT journeys. In many cases, leaders aren’t even sure where they are going or how to get there. All they know is that they haven’t arrived yet. 

Modernization and transformation are huge concepts that mean different things to different organizations. Business objectives might require the deployment or optimization of a multicloud environment, data center modernization, endpoint security or any number of other initiatives. Whatever the need is, Dell services can help by providing custom support and step-by-step plans that outline exactly what to do next.

Dell Services Encompass Products, People and Processes

Many people associate Dell with products, warranty support and deployment services. In fact, our services include much more. We’ve built our offerings to be robust and flexible, addressing key transformation solution stacks — including software, hardware, and processes — with the ultimate goal of helping organizations achieve their IT and business objectives.

In these engagements, we listen to pain points, identify areas of opportunity and build consensus on how to achieve desired outcomes. Then, we work with the organization to develop a blueprint that details the steps needed to achieve success. Products may be part of any strategy, but equally important are the people who will leverage them and the processes that enable organizations to achieve their goals.

Build Out Your IT Bench with a Custom Team of Dell Experts

The beauty of Dell services is that they can literally be as much or as little as you need. Some organizations require a few hours of onsite support to ensure a deployment goes smoothly. Others use Dell Residency Services to embed a solution resident expert at their worksites for a longer period of time. 

One organization has had several residents onsite for years. The organization continues to renew these resources because the residents have become essential to day-to-day operations. Another organization created a team of residents from several vendor partners, all working together in the same location.

That flexibility lets organizations access the expertise they need when they need it. This is especially valuable for organizations that lack the IT staff to manage end-to-end areas of the environment. A resident can function almost like an employee, getting to know the organization well and working alongside employees on a daily basis. 

Even when organizations have excellent engineers on staff, people move on. When that happens, it’s important to know who can step in so you can keep your business going while you’re working to backfill that position. If you find a strong candidate in a few weeks, there’s comfort in knowing that Dell was able to cover the gap and then hand off responsibilities to the new employee.

Dell Residents Bring Deep Expertise to Day-to-Day Operations

One of the most important parts of our process is matching the right resident to the right project. When a customer is interested in a residency, we work together to ensure the resident has the right skills, background and expertise for that environment.  For example, a resident may have experience with application optimization, automation and orchestration tools, optimizing multicloud platforms, building containers, virtualization and DevOps.  It’s essential that organizations feel confident in their residents and have great working relationships, because they’re going to be collaborating every day. 

It's also important that when residents leave, organizations have the knowledge and resources they need to continue to be successful. Often, residents create a step-by-step instruction manual for the tasks an organization might need to perform on specific devices in its environment. 

Many organizations struggle with IT skills and staffing; Dell Residency Services can be a great way to address these challenges. Working with a partner enables an organization to avoid some of the costs, headaches and delays of building resources internally — especially knowing that IT needs are continuously evolving — while still making progress toward its goals.

Story by Nick Marbena, who was born and raised in Chicago, currently lives in Elmhurst, IL with wife, Grace, Bernese Mountain Dog, Winnie, and is expecting his first child in June. Nick has been the Dell Technologies Services Account Executive leading the CDW relationship and business for the past 5 years. Fueled by his rich family heritage, lifelong relationships, and innate entrepreneurial spirit; he leads with confidence and integrity. Empowering his team to persevere and unite to achieve their true potential through innovation and collaboration.

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