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September 08, 2021

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Technology Planning: SASE

The process of implementing a SASE model.

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Scaling to support remote users requires a modern, practical approach like SASE (Secure Access Service Edge). It also requires a comprehensive, integrated plan to implement an effective SASE model.

A Guide to Mapping Your SASE Journey



Start with the basics – get a clear picture of who and what is involved.

  • Secure executive and stakeholder buy-in
  • Conduct a thorough inventory of where your users, assets, applications and services are located
  • Determine from where you access your data (data center, cloud, etc.)
  • Conduct a gap analysis
  • Determine what policy sets you want to enforce
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Pre- and During Implementation

Put your plan in motion with all involved.

  • Develop an enterprise strategy and timeline that involved cross-practice coordination
  • Ensure security architecture and integration plan is followed
  • Create a plan to roll out each specific tool and technology
  • Participate in an advisory workshop
  • Make sure to account for remote workers and branch locations
  • Identify requirements for local POPs (point of presence)
  • Enforce service-level agreements


Ongoing Maintenance

No solution is static. Be sure your organization constantly reevaluates your SASE platform.

  • As you implement new security technologies, establish an integration plan
  • Ensure new IT solutions in other areas will support your platform
  • Leverage analytics to identify gaps or red flags
  • Ensure ongoing consistent policy enforcement
IT manager in server room using a laptop.

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Discover how CDW can help you create a SASE environment.

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Discover how CDW can help you create a SASE environment.

Contact your account manager, or give us a call.