December 19, 2023

3 min

How CDW Helps MemorialCare Protect Its Valuable Healthcare Data

By focusing on the basics, this healthcare provider establishes clear visibility into its environment, enabling quick action when a threat is detected.

CDW Expert CDW Expert


Kevin Torres, Vice President of IT, MemorialCare

Marty Momdjian, Healthcare Strategist, CDW

Video Highlights:

  • Patching, updating and monitoring are essential to MemorialCare’s efforts to protect its systems. Logging security data in to a security information and event management solution enables the healthcare system to better detect threats.
  • Having helped MemorialCare build out its network, CDW is perfectly positioned to assist the organization in setting up its defenses as well.
  • Following guidance from the National Institute of Standards and Technology helps MemorialCare assess its security posture and plan its next steps.

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