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Deterring Crime with Video Security

OnView’s crime deterrence system helps maintain physical security with real-time intervention.

When I talk with customers about helping to secure their organizations, I often make the point that effective cybersecurity starts with physical security. They don’t always see the connection. Then I mention the infamous 2010 Stuxnet malware that destroyed Iran’s uranium enrichment capabilities. When I point out that the malware was likely introduced through an infected USB stick left in the parking lot of a third-party Iranian vendor, then customers see the connection. Keeping data secure begins with keeping facilities secure. 

One approach I ask customers to consider is a crime deterrent solution. OnView’s product in this category is a good example of this kind of system. OnView offers an intelligent security camera system integrated with audio and visual deterrents designed to help stop criminal activity in real time.

The OnView Approach to Real-Time Security

This system is simple and effective. These smart cameras are set up in strategic locations to monitor the customer’s property. When questionable activity is detected, the camera connects to an OnView monitoring center staffed by its agents. The agents observe the video feed and use two-way audio in real time to address and ward off the potential criminal activity. Agent responses can range from simple verbal warnings that the area is being monitored to alerting individuals that the police have been summoned.

Real-time agent intervention can be triggered in two ways. The first is the artificial intelligence technology built into the camera. Suppose the camera is set up to monitor the parking lot of a public high school. The AI could be programmed to connect to an agent whenever there is activity detected in the parking lot outside the school’s hours of operation. The monitoring agent could then intervene if the triggering activity is indeed a criminal threat. 

The second trigger is a panic button option. Convenience stores might install a panic button by their cash register stations, for example. If criminal activity is observed on the premises, the clerk can tap the panic button, triggering a response from an OnView agent through the camera.

Physical Security Supports Data Security

Firsthand accounts from some of my retail customers suggest that the OnView deterrent approach has greatly reduced theft and other nuisance behavior in their stores and on their properties. And if a crime is committed, OnView’s in-solution network video recorder stores all the recorded video and analytics, which can be used to improve surveillance and as evidence if criminal charges are pursued. Police departments appreciate the easy access to this data when it is needed. 

Police have also responded positively to crime deterrent systems like OnView because they notify them about incidents in their jurisdiction. This lets them to respond to problems in real time rather than after the fact. 

While there are many outdoor applications for theft deterrence systems, such as government office parks, utility substations, construction sites and warehouses, OnView also offers an indoor version of its system, which helps organizations monitor for insider threats as well. Activity in sensitive areas, such as a data center, can be observed and recorded as needed. This is where your physical security strategy can directly help you maintain your overall data security. 

The value of the data collected by OnView extends beyond security. The AI data collected can even be used to improve overall business operations. It offers multiple benefits.

Services and Support for Physical Security Needs

CDW has a service and support partnership with OnView. Our practice has completed hundreds of video camera and cabling installations for a wide variety of partners, including OnView. Our national and global reach allows us to install and support OnView systems at scale, whether you’re one mom-and-pop convenience store or a multicampus university system. Please reach out to a CDW sales representative when you’re ready to get your OnView crime deterrence system installed and running quickly so your people (and your data) are secure.

Story by Chris Black

Chris  Black

Chris Black

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CDW Expert