February 24, 2022

3 min

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Combines Key IT Functions in One Solution

Integrating backup, disaster recovery, security and endpoint protection increases efficiency while cutting costs.

With all the challenges facing IT professionals today, managing more solutions than necessary shouldn’t be one of them. Still, that is one of the biggest issues we see among managed service providers. Teams must learn, manage and use multiple solutions, and they must make sure that these solutions play well together.  

To address this challenge, Acronis took its data protection foundation and added security features, together with a full backup and recovery suite. Now, MSPs can offer organizations an integrated solution that simplifies the work of managing, securing and protecting data and workloads.

Integration can also reduce costs. When three vendors are involved, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on backup — it won’t lower the cost of security. But when three services come from a single vendor, they contribute to a volume discount, in addition to savings in training, certification and support.

Reduce Complexity and the Risk of Data Corruption

On average, MSPs install eight to 10 pieces of software to manage various aspects of security and protection. These software components all compete for resources, and they may all be subject to different policies. Reducing complexity minimizes the conflicts that can arise when multiple pieces software, policies and protections come together. 

In an environment crowded with solutions, one of the biggest risks is encryption corruption. The more that multiple pieces of software interact with encrypted data, the more likely it is that the data will become corrupted. Reducing the number of agents makes corruption less likely to occur.

Simplify IT Processes and Endpoint Management

Integrated solutions bring all the controls and information about devices into a single location. IT teams no longer have to check multiple tools or obtain a third-party solution to aggregate data, nor do they have to develop expertise with multiple platforms. Integrated solutions also reduce the potential for software conflicts, which means IT teams won’t waste as much time on false alerts. 

When IT teams need to make changes across the environment, they can do so from one platform. That efficiency can be a major benefit when MSPs are securing workloads for remote employees. Having a cloud-based solution to manage endpoint protection without needing physical access to devices makes the job much easier.

Lower Risks Associated with Ransomware and Other Threats

Data is the most valuable asset many organizations have. From a hard drive failure to a ransomware attack, there are so many ways for data to be at risk. That’s why Acronis designed its backup and recovery functions to work together seamlessly with attendant security. 

Organizations need to know that systems are patched and up to date, that protection is in place against malicious software, that data is backed up — and that everything is protected by modern anti-virus and anti-malware solutions. The Cyber Protect Cloud feature that Acronis provides makes it easy to scan backups for ransomware to make sure that when they are restored, the organization doesn’t restore the problem along with the data. 

The convergence of multifaceted solutions delivers numerous advantages, including simplicity, efficiency and savings. But better protection against ransomware is one of the greatest benefits. Research shows that the longer an organization is offline, the more likely it is to eventually go out of business, because customers move on quickly. A solution that reduces the likelihood of a successful ransomware attack — while ensuring the organization can recover quickly if the worst does happen — can be an investment in the future.

Story by Stephen Nichols, who is passionate about technology and innovation. During his career, he has held various roles in sales, sales engineering and professional services, with a focus on Software as a Service solutions for multiple market segments and verticals. He has focused on technical engagements to discover and understand partner requirements and provide solutions.


Acronis® Cyber Protect natively integrates data protection and cybersecurity — safeguarding your data from any threat.