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The Process of Improving Your Networking Environment

Organizations must be able to provide the right level of network connectivity to remote, hybrid and in-office users. Achieving this goal requires a comprehensive approach to planning the stages of your technology journey.

Mapping Your Network Connectivity Journey



Engage in a workshop to identify and match your business requirements to technical solution capabilities.

  • Identify your business goals for deploying/upgrading network connectivity.
  • Identify technical solution capabilities that satisfy those goals.
  • Create a formal report describing which solutions fit your needs.
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Assessments help ensure there are no surprises during deployment. Which assessment you choose depends on where you are in your solution purchasing cycle.

  • A full-blown network assessment can help you identify what you have and how to potentially improve it.
  • If you’ve already made a purchase decision, you may simply want a CDW engineer to help you plan out a deployment that includes a low-level design.

Implementation and Adoption

First, roll out your new solution. Then, consider deployment enhancements.

  • Pilot part of your solution to validate changes.
  • Roll out remaining devices or locations.
  • Establish an ongoing cadence with CDW engineers to help determine if enhancements are recommended.
  • Consider additional adoption services to assist with ongoing refinements.

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CDW Amplified™ Services

CDW networking experts can assess and update your organization’s network infrastructure.

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CDW Network Expertise

See how CDW can prepare your organization’s network for modernization.

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SD-WAN Benefits

SD-WANs can improve user experience and security while simplifying network operations.

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Discover how CDW can help you improve network connectivity across your organization.

Contact your account team, or give us a call.


Discover how CDW can help you improve network connectivity across your organization.

Contact your account team, or give us a call.

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