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Are You Ready to Improve Network Connectivity?

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Prepare to Modernize Your Organization’s Network
May 03, 2021

More than ever, organizations must prioritize user traffic and provide a seamless network experience. Use this checklist to help ensure your organization’s network is prepared to meet the demands of a hybrid user base.

Key Considerations for Deploying a Modern Network Connectivity Solution

Are you ready to involve applications, security teams and other key stakeholders?

Avoid remaining in silos, as you might have to redesign mid-deployment if you wait too long to bring in all stakeholders.

Can you provide consistent performance for your employees, regardless of location, while maintaining corporate security policies and compliance?

Is the work-from-home experience you provide to end users good and not just adequate? Does it impact your employees’ effectiveness or what your company can support operationally?

As you begin to return to work, is your organization capable of handling the new connection paradigm?

Have your capacity requirements changed? Additional IoT devices, coverage areas, and expansion or rearrangement of office space could impact your previously working infrastructure. Expansions or upgrades in wireless may require upgraded switches and cabling.

Do you have the same level of visibility?

Do you have sufficient oversight of cloud-based and on-premises, mobile, microbranch and campus workers to make informed application performance decisions?

Are you automated?

In supporting a hybrid workforce, automation is critical given that operational touchpoints can be 10x or more complex if managed traditionally.

Implementing a robust network environment takes a thoughtful approach. Let us help you get it right.

Contact your account team, or give us a call.


Implementing a robust network environment takes a thoughtful approach. Let us help you get it right.

Contact your account manager, or give us a call.

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