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Technology and Customers Lie at the Heart of the Contact Center Evolution

When thinking about customer care centers, it’s important to leverage IT solutions and partners that focus on the outcomes — and not the technology.


Once upon a time, companies built out massive call centers. There, workers sat in cubicles and relied on operators, who sat in front of switches to route calls to the right people. And while the process did evolve — the operators became technology-driven and not human, for starters — things didn’t really change until the internet became prominent.

As email and instant messaging began to take hold within the industry, a shift began from the call center to the contact center. And today, with a move toward customer care centers, our focus is squarely where it should be: on the customer.

It’s not necessarily about calling or contacting anymore; it’s about taking care of a customer’s particular need. And my CDW colleagues and I think that customer care centers have unique challenges that we understand intimately.

CDW has more than 16 years of experience both designing and implementing customer care solutions and currently supports 350 distinct contact center customers. We take proven technologies that we’ve vetted, that we understand, and work with our partners to offer balanced solutions to our customers, tailored to meet their needs.

Watch to see how CDW is perfectly poised to support and supply contact centers with the modern technologies these organizations need to thrive, grow and deliver top-tier customer satisfaction.

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