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Meet CDW’s Cisco Webex Professionals

With deep knowledge of Cisco’s Webex Teams and Webex Meetings, this team is a great customer resource.


At CDW, we’re proud to boast over a dozen accredited Cisco Webex Ambassadors who’ve reached the “Professional” level of accreditation (and two “Masters”). The Professional level is for developers or aspiring developers, and through their studies, these individuals have become experts in the APIs of Cisco Webex Teams and Webex Meetings and applying them to real-world challenges for our customers.

This goes to show that just as the Cisco APIs have continued to evolve, so have our engineers. By choosing to learn new skills and technologies, they will be an asset to our customers and will, therefore, be able to meet the demands for more complex solutions. With the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence, machine learning, chat bots and other technologies, our engineers will be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

What Does It Take to Become a Professional?

The Professional accreditation begins with the Cisco Webex Start Now course on Cisco DevNet. Using the knowledge gained as a guide, and armed with the Cisco Webex Teams, Webex Meetings and Cisco TelePresence endpoint APIs, candidates must create and demonstrate a “bot” application that uses these APIs. This final step is a chance to show their creative spirit and build something to not only gain knowledge, but to also create an integration that could potentially solve a workflow problem for a customer in the future.

Here are three examples of bot submissions from CDW’s Webex Professionals:

  • Mike Robinson’s “Graham” bot, integrating Cisco Unified Communications Manager, ServiceNow, and Cisco Webex Teams
  • Michael San Marco’s “Video Buddy” bot, integrating Cisco TelePresence endpoints to a custom Python application and Cisco Webex Teams
  • Nick Mueller’s “Anti-Giphy” bot for Cisco Webex Teams

Who Are These Professionals?

CDW’s Cisco Webex Ambassadors that have completed the Professional track include:

    • Darin Burleigh, Software Engineer
    • Chris Clouse, Principal Unified Communications Engineer
    • Cody Granflaten, Sr. Unified Communications Engineer
    • Nicholas P. Mueller*, Technical Architect
    • Sankar Nair, Principal Field Solution Architect
    • Joshua O’Connor, Principal Unified Communications Engineer
    • Andrew Perelgut, Sr. Unified Communications Engineer
    • Mike Robinson, Technical Architect
    • Michael San Marco, Sr. Unified Communications Engineer
    • Kris Seraphine, Principal Unified Communications Engineer
    • Sho Shanker, Principal Unified Communications Engineer
    • Casey Stark, Unified Communications Engineer
    • Matt Toltzien, Technical Architect

*Sankar and Nick are also Cisco Webex Masters — the highest level of accreditation, representing the top 5 percent of Cisco Webex Ambassadors.

How Can I Engage These Professionals?

Do you have workflow process challenges that could benefit from a Cisco Webex Teams integration or do you have ideas to improve your Webex Meeting experiences via customization? Looking for that extra helping hand?

Learn more about CDW’s API development capabilities for Cisco Webex Teams, Webex Meetings and video solutions by requesting a CDW Collaboration Workshop.