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How Zebra Workcloud Communication Makes Workflows More Efficient

When users can quickly access essential information, responsiveness improves dramatically — and so does the customer experience.

Enabling employees to access the resources they need when they need them is one of the best ways to improve their experience and enhance customer service. In retail, healthcare, manufacturing and other fields, timely communication is essential for efficient workflows, effective decision-making and seamless collaboration. Zebra Workcloud Communication enables these capabilities by adding voice communication options to mobile devices via Software as a Service (SaaS), without the costs associated with a cellular plan.

Voice communication allows users to share information quickly. For example, a nurse with questions about a patient’s chart can call a physician directly rather than spend valuable time tracking the doctor down in the hospital. Or, a retail associate helping a customer can stay at the customer’s side while asking a colleague to check the stockroom for additional inventory. Streamlined workflows make a dramatic difference to users and the people they’re serving, especially in large facilities where workers would otherwise need considerable time to get the information they need.

Zebra Workcloud Is Secure, Cloud-Based and Scalable

Many workers carry walkie-talkies, but adding Zebra Workcloud to a mobile handheld or tablet device has a few advantages. First, the mobile device typically has barcode scanning and access to applications for inventory, point-of-sale transactions and other functions. Adding voice capabilities puts all the necessary features in a single tool, saving money and simplifying the device ecosystem.

As a cloud-based, unified platform, Zebra Workcloud is easy to scale and manage, with enterprise-level security that includes encryption and single sign-on. Organizations can choose various capabilities depending on their needs, including configurable rules for specific user roles, hands-free communication, GPS for tracking employees’ locations, emergency alert prioritization and more. Zebra Workcloud is also versatile. It’s compatible with other manufacturers’ handhelds and tablets running Android and iOS. PBX integration is easy; Zebra Workcloud plays well with all the major PBX vendors.

Simple Deployment and User-Friendly Interfaces

Companies can choose the voice option that works best for their organization. Zebra push-to-talk (PTT) enables a mobile device to function similarly to a walkie-talkie, with one-to-one and one-to-many capabilities. The Enterprise Voice option lets the device work like a regular phone, with conference calls, call forwarding, a hold feature, and the ability to make calls and receive calls from people outside the organization.

With Enterprise Voice, ensuring the WAN has sufficient coverage and bandwidth is essential. If any latency exists, communication may be garbled, although that’s less of a concern with PTT. Other than adequate Wi-Fi, however, no additional infrastructure is required. As a SaaS solution, the administrative and management functions reside in the Zebra cloud, and the client software runs on the mobile device.

Zebra Workcloud provides organizations with an opportunity to consolidate critical workflows in a single device and optimize them for maximum efficiency, responsiveness and coordination.


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Tom Kilanski

Channel Account Manager
Tom Kilanski has 40 years of experience in the IT industry. He was employed by NCR for 22 years prior to joining Symbol Technologies in 2005 and has held a variety of positions at Zebra, including channel sales and management, business development and solution selling.  He is currently working with Zebra channel partners to promote the sale of Zebra’s Intelligent Edge Solutions.