November 23, 2021

3 min

How to Spin Up Applications Fast with ServiceNow

Get the customized solution your organization needs without the long wait.

Agility has always been key for businesses. Being able to move nimbly through the market and navigate changing customer expectations helps companies set themselves apart from the competition. But when the pandemic began and employees were sent home, agility became more than just a competitive edge — it became a necessary tool for survival.

This new urgency was felt across industries. Retailers had to develop digital experiences for their customers while also enabling contact tracing and other operational processes for the employees who were filling those orders. Sports leagues had to find a way to move forward with their seasons, which hinged on testing and tracking every player, coach and media member in their ecosystems. Schools had to support remote learning that was completely dependent on technology. Later, they had to develop systems to support a return to the classroom.

Healthcare was perhaps the most affected. Providers had to stand up thousands of makeshift testing sites, treatment centers and eventually vaccination centers. All of this needed immediate operational support while still maintaining regular hospital services.

Solving Big Problems with Workflow

These changes all came down to workflow, and organizations that weren’t using digital tools to manage their workflows found themselves at a standstill. Traditionally, developing a customized application that can meet your organization’s operational and logistical needs would be costly, time-consuming and require the knowledge of a developer. With ServiceNow, that’s no longer the case.

The Now Platform lets organizations create dashboards and applications that are tailored to their needs. It provides a base template for IT teams to work with, meaning they can build their desired tools without enlisting a developer. Modern applications can be spun up quickly, providing organizations the solutions that they need fast. 

These solutions can streamline any task or process, such as maximizing IT productivity, breaking down silos to unlock employee productivity or revolutionizing the customer experience with scaled service operations. The ServiceNow SecOps solution can give IT managers visibility into all aspects of the system, keeping security threats at bay. During the widespread pivot of 2020, this proved invaluable for businesses.

Lean on a Partner for Your Workflow

Despite ease of use, it can be daunting to create a new digital workflow, particularly when organizations are under the kind of time constraints they faced at the beginning of the pandemic. Enlisting the help of a trusted partner can be key.

Allow experts to help build your system, designing your workflow with innovation and growth top of mind. A partner can implement the right proprietary tools and train staff to ensure that these applications and platforms are optimized. Once it’s built, augment your IT staff with experts who can adjust your platform as needed, ensuring that your solution continues to deliver.

Working with a partner frees up your IT staff to tackle more complex challenges and lets your business focus on what’s important: your customers, your employees and your growth. The way we work has become more complicated, and so is the way we’re defending our businesses. But with the right workflow — and the right visibility — your organization can realize its full potential.

Story by Keara Dowd, a web editor for BizTech, joining the magazine after honing her journalism skills in local news. When not working, you can usually find her cheering on D.C.’s sports teams, training for half-marathons or checking out the newest restaurants.