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The process of achieving efficient application delivery

DevOps is key to achieving organizational agility. As you embark on your journey to become more flexible in order to better serve customers and compete in the marketplace, a comprehensive approach to planning and executing your DevOps methodology is a must.

A Guide to Mapping Your DevOps Journey



This stage is intended to allow you to consult on DevOps considerations and prepare your organization to succeed.

  • Involve the right stakeholders
  • Assess your IT environment to identify the systems and processes that require modernization.
  • Inventory the current state of existing value streams
  • Build skills for transformative initiatives through education, consulting and enablement
  • Learn what’s possible to achieve by leveraging modern patterns and practices that drive agility
  • Plan for, and design, an approach that meets your unique organizational requirements
  • Build consensus and collaboration among teams to execute on a shared vision
  • Define what successful outcomes look like and set achievable targets for getting started
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In this stage, you’ll identify and adopt the right digital solutions.

  • Build a team of innovators to start putting patterns of excellence in place
  • Start small and scale teams and environments as success is achieved
  • Build automation to start managing resources and application lifecycles
  • Implement and adopt the tools, techniques, patterns and practices for your digital initiatives
  • Fail fast and fall forward – systems are to blame not people
  • Draw in business units to make sure execution is not done in silos


This stage is about ongoing support to ensure future success and DevOps consistency.

  • Don’t scale too quickly and avoid regressing
  • Iterate and improve
  • Adopt a continuous learning mindset
  • Measure improvement and move goal posts as needed
  • Review how your operating model is working and if tweaks will be necessary
  • Look outward for examples to compare against to drive continued improvements
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Discover how CDW can help you create your ideal DevOps protocol.

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