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Are you ready to employ DevOps across the organization?

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Prepare to increase efficiency and streamline processes

The ability to deliver applications and services in a faster, more efficient manner requires a process change that only a DevOps methodology can bring about. Use this checklist to help ensure your organization is prepared to embrace DevOps and all it has to offer.

Key Considerations for Developing a DevOps Approach

Do I have the right stakeholders involved?

Am I prepared to properly socialize DevOps and the resulting operational and cultural shifts? Have I included a wider audience that expands beyond traditional IT representatives? Have I set realistic expectations?

Do I understand what it takes to take on new tooling?

Have I completed a high-level inventory of what I currently have? Have I thought about what ongoing maintenance will look like? Do I understand what it looks like just for me to keep the lights on today? Do I have a healthy appreciation for what it means to have incremental failure? Am I prepared to balance processes in a way that avoids inefficiencies?

Have I considered how often I can release software?

What tools do I have that work against being successful in releasing it as often as I would like? Do I have tools that have been neglected from a maintenance perspective? Do I have tools that only one person knows and have I thought about how to break down those information silos? Have I thought about how to make information scalable? Have I considered how much time I should give employees to work on issues before it impacts customers? How will I give them room to improve?

Have I put thought into security?

Have I considered how my security should evolve as my networks and processes evolve? Do I have a plan for breaking away from the point-in-time security checklist to more holistically care for security over time? Am I prepared to include security experts and governance folks in the conversation so that I can better integrate security?

Do I have a plan in place for measurement?

Do I have a way to judge the effectiveness of my DevOps methodology? Am I good at instrumenting and understanding how efficient my organization is regarding each component? Am I able to measure every time I write software in terms of how often it’s making it out into production?

Embracing DevOps takes a thoughtful approach. Let us help you get it right.

Contact your account team, or give us a call.


Embracing DevOps takes a thoughtful approach. Let us help you get it right.

Contact your account manager, or give us a call.

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