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A Hybrid World Calls for Analytics Modernization in State and Local Governments

As organizations’ reliance on analytics continues to grow, state and local governments must modernize to continue to function and to meet the demands of a hybrid world.

Analytics plays a vital role in any organization, aiding in making well-informed business decisions. Furthermore, it has the potential to uncover previously overlooked opportunities to solve business problems.

How COVID-19 Changed the Analytics Landscape

In a modern world, it is essential to have a robust foundation supporting analytics requirements. Utilizing the latest technology is crucial in an era when users expect seamless and split-second interactions with their data and devices.

Access to accurate data became increasingly important as remote work became the norm and employees lost access to resources previously available in the office. Quick inquiries to coworkers were no longer an option, and employees had to seek answers independently. As a result, self-service analytics became essential for providing workers with accurate information. To keep up with the changing needs of a dynamic workforce, organizations have had to curate and update their analytics tooling while adapting their strategies.

State and Local Governments Face Similar Demands

Achieving goals is not an easy task for state and local government entities, as they encounter unique challenges compared to private organizations. These challenges stem from budget constraints, technical debt and staffing issues, just to name a few.

Despite these differences, state and local governments, like private organizations, have the same analytics demands driving the modernization of their technological foundations. Regrettably, some governmental entities at the state and local levels may fall behind in terms of technological advancements.

Find the Right Partner to Help Modernize

Procuring new technology is often challenging for state and local agencies, as they need to collaborate closely with many vendors to build a single comprehensive solution that meets all their requirements. Modernization efforts must involve a thorough assessment of every organizational layer to ensure compatibility with existing systems and solutions.

Working with the right partner is essential for aligning various product and solution vendors to address your organization's analytics needs effectively. A trusted partner helps streamline the process, bringing together the necessary puzzle pieces to create a cohesive, tailored analytics strategy that fuels adoption.

Implementing new technologies can be a complex process, and having the right support is crucial to tackling challenges during implementation and deployment. This ensures a smooth transition and ongoing success for your organization.

While organizations might simply attempt to upgrade or supplement their existing tooling with PowerBI, Tableau or Thoughtspot, it doesn't guarantee that the necessary and supporting ecosystems are in place to ensure successful deployments. Post-implementation issues can always emerge, which is why a thorough process is necessary when taking the big leap toward modernization.

As your trusted partner, CDW-G is committed to helping your organization achieve a smooth transformation into a mature data and analytics provider. We aim to provide support at every stage and equip you with the knowledge required for success.

Story by Christopher Marcolis, who is a data and analytics expert with 25+ years in analytics, data governance, data science and strategic decision making. He is skilled in nurturing data-driven cultures, optimizing analytics and empowering teams for growth.

Christopher Marcolis

CDW Expert
Christopher Marcolis is a data and analytics expert with over 25 years in analytics, data governance, data science and strategic decision-making. He is skilled in nurturing data-driven cultures, optimizing analytics and empowering teams for growth.