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Technology Planning: CDW Cloud Security Posture Assessment

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The Process of Improving Your Cloud Security Posture

As the pace of hybrid cloud and multicloud adoption rapidly increases, organizations find themselves more vulnerable to security implications. Engaging in a thorough cloud security environment review can set the stage for improved protocols, expanded considerations and more stringent planning.

What to Expect Before and After a CDW Cloud Security Posture Assessment


Process and Strategy Design

Put yourself in a position to improve your cloud security protocols once the assessment is complete.

  • Define your organization’s cloud security strategy.
  • Identify key stakeholders for cloud security ownership.
  • Create a cloud app protection plan for sensitive data.
  • Determine how to provide granular access control to unsanctioned and tolerated cloud apps.
  • Outline a process for protecting IaaS and PaaS environments.
  • Address WAN transformation complexity.
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Results and Remediation

Leverage assessment results to detect and address current and future cloud security threats.

  • Identify third-party compliance issues and develop a plan to address them.
  • Identify cloud security gaps and determine how they impact the rest of the organization’s ecosystem.
  • Determine if additional network, personnel, policy or framework testing is warranted based on assessment results.
  • Develop a plan for the cloud security gaps that must be addressed immediately vs. down the line.
  • Design a plan for future security posture improvements. 

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CDW Cloud Security Posture Assessment

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See how CDW can help improve your cloud security posture.

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