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December 19, 2018

3 min

Building a Cloud Plan Strategy

In order to save time, achieve goals and ensure business alignment, a robust, reliable cloud plan must be created.


The excitement of realizing the benefits of the cloud means that organizations sometimes skip the planning process and move right ahead to the implementation phase. But those who have dived headfirst into the cloud have sometimes found themselves backing out as fast as they jumped in when issues around performance, cost or security don’t work out the way they anticipated. We call this the “cloud U-turn.”

From CDW’s perspective, we’re always going to start by looking at what’s happening within the existing infrastructure. We want to know: What’s virtualized? What are the fiscal implications of shifting those workloads to the cloud?

We walk our customers through some essential questions as they go through the cloud planning process that will help ensure a successful implementation. Those questions include:

  1. What are you doing in the cloud today?
  2. What is your goal in moving to the cloud?
  3. Do you have governance set up around cloud services?
  4. How have you integrated your on-premises solutions?
  5. How are you managing your cloud environment?
  6. Do you feel your staff is qualified to implement and manage cloud solutions?

To get a better sense of why we ask these questions and how answering these questions can help your business build a better cloud plan, watch our video, which can explain it all in more detail.

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