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How Innovation Drives New Connections Within Your Workforce

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Workplaces face numerous challenges as employees work in more distributed environments and become less connected to each other. Virtual reality tools can provide a connection and foster collaboration among workers, which is essential in this new world.

Watch How Innovation Drives New Connections Within Your Workforce where we’ll examine how organizations can address their workplace challenges by strategically applying technology solutions and services.



  • What are the four stages of remote work?
  • How can organizations take better advantage of remote learning technologies?
  • How can technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality break down barriers among workers?
  • What steps can organizations with a small IT staff take to improve their use of technology?
  • How can a partner help organizations overcome the limitations of their IT staff?

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Gary Radburn, Director of Virtually Everything, Dell

Gary Radburn is the director of virtual and augmented reality, client virtualization and remoting technologies globally at Dell. As part of his role, he manages the team charged with developing and delivering VR/AR technology and works closely with Dell customers on VR/AR deployments. Radburn founded Dell’s VR Centers of Excellence with locations around the world for businesses and consumers to experience VR and learn more about real-world uses for the technology. With more than 30 years in the tech industry, ranging from engineering to sales and marketing, Gary has experience across all aspects of designing successful products and solutions and bringing them to market. Before coming to Dell, where he has worked for the past 19 years, Radburne worked for Digital Equipment Corp. and 3Com. 

Kimberly Nidy
Kimberly Nidy

Kimberly Nidy, Director of Technology, North Canton City Schools

After teaching business management and technology courses for twenty years, Kimberly has taken on a district-level role defining and implementing innovative initiatives that support teaching and learning.