Security Management Infrastructure (SMI) Mitigates Risk

The Newest Threats Come From Malicious Insiders.

SMI enables agencies to detect and respond to attacks that take place within their environment.

Maximize Real-Time Visibility to Minimize Risk

Continuous monitoring by an SMI solution reduces the risk of insider attacks with behavior analysis.

SMI Offers Flexible, Scalable Cybersecurity

SMI is a modular strategy that integrates with current environments for always-on protection.

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Protect Your Network from All Threats

SMI allows agencies to detect suspicious activity from both outside and inside the network before they become real threats. Prevent malicious or accidental data removal through real-time monitoring of user behavior. Read the Solution in Action to learn how SMI works.

Dashboard Reporting Allows for Quick Response

SMI solutions offer a single-pane-of-glass dashboard that summarizes security events and gives analysts constant visibility to potentially compromised employees or contractors. Read the Spotlight for more SMI benefits.

23% of cybersecurity recommendations made by the Government Accountability Office since 2010 were not fully implemented as of December 2018.

Government Accountability Office , "Substantial Efforst Needed to Achieve Greater Progress on High-Risk Areas", March 2019.
Read the white paper (PDF) to learn more about security modernization.


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For more SMI advice, contact a CDW•G cybersecurity expert today.