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NUTANIX CUSTOM CTO SYSTEM is rated 4.4 out of 5 by 37.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Being 1 of the first 5000 customers and 1st in our country it was a great experience so far, been using the Nutanix since 2014. This year we going to add our new block in the cluster. Performance and management is just great. :)
Date published: 2017-03-31
Rated 5 out of 5 by from We've got a smaller installation to support a VDI environment, and the Nutanix cluster has been extremely rock solid and so much easier to manage than traditional server/storage infrastructure. I often find myself going into the UI to look for something to troubleshoot. The whole Hyper-Converged concept truly is the next evolution for virtualization within data centers, and I think it's fantastic.
Date published: 2017-03-17
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Centralized management helps you monitor storage and compute resources at the cluster and VM level in a single plane. Valuable Features:* Compression, deduplication, and erasure coding* Central management using prism* Capacity management and planning using prism central* One click upgrade to the Nutanix OS as well as for hypervisor* Easily scalable with no downtime* Provides WAN optimization for replication to remote sitesImprovements to My Organization:* Centralized monitoring of infrastructure* Easy and quick deployment of VMs* Single SME for all domains like storage, OS, and hypervisor* Compression deduplication and erasure coding have improved storage usage by almost three times* Protection domain allows you to compress data and transfer over WAN and helps you to move a VM to DR with a single click* Centralized management helps you monitor storage and compute resources at the cluster and VM level in a single planeRoom for Improvement:I would like to see improvements in monitoring parameters, RTO, and access control. Currently, memory utilization does not show as per the actual. This is in pipeline for the next release. The current RPO for DC-DR is high due to the limitation of the replication strategy which will be fixed by next quarter.Use of Solution:We have used this solution for three months.Stability Issues:I did not encounter any issues with stability.Technical Support:As of now, we haven’t required support, but it is good.Initial Setup:The installation is simple. You can more or less plug and play.Cost and Licensing Advice:Depends upon what OEM you factor for hardware and the relationship between them. The software license seems to be pretty simple.Other Solutions Considered:We evaluated Cisco HyperFlex and SimpliVity.Other Advice:You can have optimal results from ROI and the infrastructure deployment perspective if the solution is designed properly. I would suggest that you spell out your requirements clearly before Nutanix starts building the solution.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-03-05
Rated 4 out of 5 by from You can ask for a loaner unit to verify performance and match it to your requirements. Valuable Features:The most valuable features are Prism and Acropolis, as they simplified our jobs and give us the opportunity to lower operational costs without reducing the current day-to-day operation performance.Improvements to My Organization:As opposed to before, the Nutanix platform allows us to pay as we grow instead starting with a large scale. Management seems to like this idea, as it will save us from overspending the budget. We can improve IT utilization and reduce costs by consolidating application infrastructure.Room for Improvement:We're thinking about hosting SAP HANA on the Nutanix platform, but we are still unsure about the path as SAP still has not certified Nutanix to host SAP HANA yet. Nutanix should make SAP a close partner and certify their product with SAP so that the consumer has a choice to migrate their existing platform to Nutanix platform.As far as I'm concerned, and we already ran the test on an actual Nutanix box, Nutanix can host the HANA without issue. However, without certification from SAP, it looks like we don’t have a guarantee from SAP itself. That will cause us to question whether we should go with the Nutanix platform.Use of Solution:I have been using it for about five months, and we just got approval from our management to expand the cluster and buy additional hardware from Nutanix.Stability Issues:So far, the operation has gone smoothly without any big issues, although there was a small bug when we tried the one-click update to upgrade all nodes’ firmware. Some nodes did not finish the update. We are resolving it with Nutanix support, so it's fine. It did not impact system uptime.Scalability Issues:I have not encountered any scalability issues at all. We can easily scale this platform as we need.Technical Support:Technical support is 9/10; only one call to local support and then if it hasn’t been resolved, a Nutanix engineer will help to resolve either hardware or hypervisor issues. It gives us really good assurance and we can sleep peacefully at night.Previous Solutions:Previously, we used three-tier architecture, which has lots of points for failure and a lot of consoles need to be attended. It's so tiring and most of the time, we are firefighting to make sure the operation can continue as business as usual. It required a lot of skills and a large sum of money to maintain and to scale, which were painful for us.Initial Setup:Initial setup was straightforward. It takes only one day or less to build up the cluster and provision the virtual machines.Cost and Licensing Advice:The pricing is good for us and just what we are looking for. We can cut off the VMware license and maintenance support, and migrate to Acropolis instead.Other Solutions Considered:We evaluated SimpliVity and HPE solutions. Both failed us in term of economical cost and did not offer features that Nutanix has.Other Advice:You have an option to start small instead of going big at first, which will capitalize your budget. You can ask for a loaner unit from Nutanix to play with; to check and verify their performance and match it to your requirements.Nutanix treats us well. We can say we are happy with the Nutanix offering.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-01-23
Rated 3 out of 5 by from I can do hypervisor upgrades on all my hosts with a click of a button while in production. Site-to-site replication needs some work. Valuable Features:The level of statistical performance data it is able to report in real time is extremely useful. I can see what my VM’s hosts and guests are doing form a single pane of glass and identify issues before they would otherwise become apparent.Improvements to My Organization:The simplicity Prism/AHV delivers over other hypervisor solutions has dramatically alleviated the workload of our IT department without taking away granular features.Room for Improvement:Site-to-site replication needs some work. It’s not as feature rich for a disaster recovery implementation as I would like to see, but my understanding is that it is slated for improvement in near-future releases. DRS-like functionality is also a much-desired feature that is also slated for future release. Third-party solutions are also few and far between as of right now since Nutanix is so new. In regards to third-party backup solutions, your only agentless option is Commvault, which is expensive, complex and requires intensive vendor training. We opted to use the built-in snapshot replication options to Azure.Use of Solution:I have used it for about eight months.Stability Issues:This is so dramatically more stable than other hypervisor solutions I have used its almost hard to believe. I can do hypervisor upgrades on all my hosts with a click of a button while in production. No need to move or shut down guests or take hosts out of production, or plan off-hours maintenance windows. I don’t need to seek out updates or go extended periods of time because of a lack of awareness of updates. It’s literally as easy as you’d hope for or expect to have… probably more so.Scalability Issues:Scalability is a non-issue, especially if you have Prism Central Pro. The only scale issue we ran into was right-sizing the environment we purchased for our existing needs. We over purchase by quite a lot only because we had no way to measure the deduplication and compression savings until the data was actually imported into the system. The storage savings we received from these features was substantial. We got better than a 2.5:1 ratio on compression, which took our storage usage from 12TB down to about 4TB.Prism Central Pro has a feature called capacity runway that can estimate your growth and inform you when you will need to expand your cluster and even recommend the appropriate node to expand into based on your usage in real time. You can plan your next upgrade 6+ months out with high confidence you’re not over doing it, jumping the gun or purchasing too late and causing your environment to suffer performance issues.Technical Support:The technical support is pretty stellar. Even when you get a tech that isn’t quite on par, it’s easy to get them back on track or escalate the case yourself with a click of a button, not that you really ever have to that often. The response time is very fast. The language barriers are almost nonexistent, and most issues can be resolved the same day with a couple emails and minimal effort. Most of the time, I just inform support that I have opened the support portal and they login and fix the issue without ever needing to try to make our schedules work together, and the next corresponsive is that its fixed already.Previous Solutions:We are currently in the process of switching to AHV from ESXi. We felt the Nutanix solution was significantly easier to manage, has all the features we need, and comparable features to ESX already either exist or are on their way in the near future. We believe that the solution Nutanix offers is the way the market will continue to trend in the future. Finally, going with AHV cuts out ridiculously overpriced costs of ESXi. We were looking at over $100k in licensing with ESXi alone for what AHV will supply us for free.Initial Setup:Initial setup was easy. We could have set it up ourselves; however, Nutanix flew a technician out to use to set up the environment for us. All we had to do was mount our ESXi data pool on Nutanix and vmotion the VMs over to Nutanix, and we were up and running on the new cluster in under a week.Cost and Licensing Advice:I would encourage you to heed the advice of your rep on what to purchase with one exception: Make sure the hardware you’re purchasing is the latest generation of hardware available. Also, Prism Central Pro is worth spending a few extra bucks. I’d also take into consideration that since Nutanix is fairly new, not all ESX-comparable features exist yet, but don’t let that discourage you away from Acropolis, as their development team is top notch and moving fast… the features are coming. If you must have ESX, it runs fantastically on Nutanix, but you’re probably spending more than you need to on licensing it over just using Acropolis and being patient. You’re also taking away many of the feature that simplify your environment by passing up Acropolis.Other Solutions Considered:We spent a substantial amount of time evaluating many other options, including VxRail, EqualLogic and Compellent, the Dell M series blade chassis, NetShelter, Cisco UCS and Nimble, as well as SimpliVity.Other Advice:Do not dismiss Nutanix too hastily over one little feature or another. They are coming, and it is worth your patience. The value brought in simplicity, support and time savings is worth a good hard look. Also, consider purchasing Turbonomic with or before Nutanix. They pair and play well together. Prepping my environment with Turbonomic before migrating made the transition much faster and easier by right-sizing my VMs and it continues to offer great features in my new environment. If you do, make sure they know you intend to move to Nutanix to ensure you license the proper features.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-01-23
Rated 4 out of 5 by from We can deploy VM as a service and perform updates on the nodes without downtime. Valuable Features:The consolidated storage: no need to use central storage that has a performance penalty. For example, while using central storage that enables file-sharing NAS services & SAN services, when one VM had an IO overload, all the VMs in the same data store in the VMware environment on the same LUN suffered from I/O latency. Now, in the new consolidated storage, this does not happen.Improvements to My Organization:We can deploy VM as a service & we can perform updates on the nodes without downtime in a very simple, direct way.Room for Improvement:The improvement needed is for elastic clusters, meaning the ability to depart and join nodes in an automatic way. We have a laboratory that needs to perform bare metal tests and therefore needs to unjoin the nodes from the cluster and later on join them back.Use of Solution:I have used it for two years.Stability Issues:I have not encountered any stability issues.Scalability Issues:I have not encountered any scalability issues, but we are about to add another node to the cluster and it should be a very simple task .Technical Support:Technical support is very good, and good with responsive time.Previous Solutions:We were using central storage and suffered from bad performance latency.Initial Setup:Initial setup was straightforward.Other Solutions Considered:At the time we checked, this solution was unique.Other Advice:Perform resizing. Check the needs and deploy only what is needed. Check the memory DIMMs and make sure for the price you get, you have free DIMMs.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-01-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from I have been running Nutanix in our Datacenter for a couple of years now. We have now added a second block to compliment the first one. The system is always growing, and Nutanix is great at keeping up. They are constantly upgrading their systems not only for stability but always adding new Features. We have been running our SQL, Exchange and SharePoint infrastructure off of it. The performance and stability is top notch.
Date published: 2016-09-13
Rated 5 out of 5 by from In 2013 the University%u2019s Systems team was specifically looking for a new server hosting platform that platform that would increase agility, improve consolidation ratios and lower capacity/interoperability risk. With the primary premise of the design being a scale out approach whereby local node resources are woven into a global resource fabric for presentation and consumption. At that point in time we had segregated physical servers for our virtual server hosting, and when those assets would run out of resources, our only options were to migrate to newer or larger infrastructure.We specifically selected Nutanix as they aligned with the requirements we outlined above, but also because at the time, they were the only vendor we could identify that supported Microsoft%u2019s Hyper-V virtualisation platform. This was crucial for us, as at the time of solution selection, all of our virtual server environment was hosted on Hyper-V.Our initial testing of the Nutanix platform started in September 2013 when we purchased our first Nutanix cluster running Microsoft Hyper-V. We were selected to be part of the beta testing program that was assisting Nutanix to test Hyper-V on the Nutanix platform. We initially used the first cluster to host virtual servers for our test and development environment. After the successful pilot of selected test/dev workloads on Nutanix Hyper-V, we then went on to procure our second Nutanix cluster in November 2013 to be used to host production workloads. For production workloads we opted to go with VMware ESXi. As we found the clustering support and reliability in Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager somewhat erratic, and wanted to compare this with directly with vSphere. The initial production cluster was four nodes, and after seeing how robust and reliable the Nutanix platform and vSphere worked together, we have progressively scaled out the cluster to allow us to migrate more and more of our production workloads from our legacy infrastructure to the Nutanix platform. In July 2014 we purchased our third Nutanix cluster to be used for disaster recovery (DR) purposes. The data protection capabilities available on the Nutanix platform allow the automatic synchronising of virtual servers onto Nutanix infrastructure in a secondary location. In the event of a disaster, those virtual servers can be brought online quickly without having to restore from backup. The benefits (listed below) of moving to the Nutanix platform have been significant, and for this reason our Nutanix environment continues to grow. Late last year we purchased a new cluster specifically for our researchers to host research related data and to provide them with resources to assist in their research computational requirements. This year we have purchased another cluster to migrate on Oracle RAC test/dev environment to. This will be our first cluster to run entirely on AHV.Benefits:- Consolidation, resulting in a 36% reduction of our physical infrastructure footprint- Of our hardware that was end of life in 2015, 83% was migrated Nutanix. This allowed the decommissioning of approximately 40 physical hosts- Ease of upgrade %u2013 no downtime required when upgrading to newer versions of the Nutanix software (NOS). Upgrades can be done in business hours- Nutanx%u2019s support is the benchmark for us when comparing support received from other vendors. What separates them from other vendors is the removal of the traditional tiers of support levels. When engaging with Nutanix support you are always working directly with a certified Nutanix engineer right from when the case is logged, through to when it is closed.- All systems migrated to the Nutanix platform now have a greater degree of reliability and redundancy because of Nutanix%u2019s built-in high availability and data protection capabilities- Scale out options %u2013 now much easier to expand storage and compute resources when required, no need to migrate to separate infrastructure- The data protection capabilities- Increased performance %u2013 Nutanix%u2019s use of distributed data tiering between flash and spinning disk give migrated workloads a performance boost- Decreased time working in the data centres, freeing up resources for strategic projects- Increased reliability and availability of workloads hosted on the platform, less downtime, resulting in greater productivity for end users- Increased performance for key systems, such as our student lecture recording system- The installation process of all our Nutanix clusters has been straightforward and seamless. This in large part is due to Nutanix%u2019s commitment in providing onsite Nutanix engineers to assist with the installation processOf course any IT platform is not without its quirks. Nutanix are always pushing the boundaries to add better features and increase the performance of the platform. This can sometimes lead to the odd issue, but as the support from Nutanix is excellent, issues are quickly addressed and fixed. There can sometimes be a case of update fatigue, as new versions of the Nutanix OS are released fairly regularly. But because updates can be installed without downtime or maintenance windows, this is only a minor gripe.
Date published: 2016-08-23
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