It’s official — BYOD is here, and there’s no turning back. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) gives employees the freedom to connect whenever, wherever for increased productivity and a better work-life balance. But every smartphone, tablet and notebook is a potential gateway for unauthorized applications, malware and other security threats.

Our specialized security teams help neutralize these threats with comprehensive mobile security solutions. We consult with you on your organization’s mobile objectives and help you create a mobile strategy with security at its foundation. We take a holistic approach to mobile and BYOD security, providing custom mobility solutions that will secure your devices, your network and your data.

How Do We Ensure BYOD Security?


Network Access Control (NAC)

Network access control makes you the gatekeeper of your network, allowing you to regulate, evaluate and authenticate every device that attempts to connect. Using NAC tools, you can enforce all of your network’s identity, access and usage policies on a device level to ensure total BYOD security.

Our field solution architects go onsite to help organizations design and implement custom NAC solutions from the ground up. Starting with high-level planning sessions and ending with detailed training and troubleshooting, we draw on years of expertise and trusted vendor partnerships to help organizations fit NAC solutions into their existing network infrastructure.

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Authentication is one of the first steps to BYOD security, giving you full control of who is allowed to access your network. Some solutions rely on pre-authentication, which requires connecting users and/or devices to authenticate themselves before a session is established, whether through certificates or two-factor authentication.

Our security solution architects rely on key partnerships with industry leaders to recommend authentication solutions that fit your organization’s mobile security strategy.

Are there uninvited guests on your network?

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VPN Architecture

A VPN lets your employees replicate the office computing experience when they are working offsite. In addition to regulating bandwidth for mobile users, a VPN should also serve as a secure access point for your network.

Our inside and field security solution architects work together to recommend and install VPNs that prioritize mobile security. We can also make sure your VPN is incorporated into your organization’s firewall and gateway security systems.

How Do We Guard Your Network?


Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management can give you full insight into both organization-issued devices and BYOD environments. Simply protect, manage and control all devices with security profiles and policies, remote security access, locking and wiping, and centralized visibility.

Our mobility solution architects work hand-in-hand with our security experts, simplifying EMM with an easy-to-use mobility management portal, plenty of mobile security features and customizable EMM solutions.

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Endpoint Protection

BYOD security means accounting for every endpoint that sits outside your firewall. Whether it's a PC, smartphone or tablet, each device connecting to your network needs robust endpoint protection from external threats that can make their way into your network.

Our security team can perform malware assessments that test your network for potential weak spots. Once problems have been identified, we can work with you to design an endpoint protection to best fit your environment — whether that means securing physical devices, virtual desktops or both.

How Do We Deter Mobile Threats?



Encryption is central to any data security strategy. It can protect your sensitive data if it is intercepted while on a device or moving between devices. This solution can incorporate encryption of files and folders or encryption of email or entire devices.

Our security solution architects can recommend encryption tools based on your network and devices in use. They can even work with your existing vendors to bundle encryption services into antivirus, antimalware, cloud-hosted email and unified management products.

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Protecting your sensitive data can be tricky. It is critical to be able to discover, monitor, protect and manage your confidential data—no matter where it is stored or how it is being accessed. There are myriad benefits to implementing the right DLP strategy, ranging from protecting your company's reputation to maintaining compliance and beyond.

Our security solution architects can recommend an initial risk assessment to analyze how data moves around your network. Working with your existing infrastructure, they can tailor a DLP solution that watches for specific triggers such as Social Security or credit card numbers or shady email, web and file share traffic.

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