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Managed Print Services

What Is Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Organizations can spend up to 3% of annual revenues on print. Managing your printers and supplies can reduce your overall printing costs 20% to 30%.


An effective MPS solution provides a set of tools and resources to help you manage your printers efficiently and cost effectively. For some organizations that can simply mean having discounted supplies delivered just in time so that users can remain productive. For others, it means completely offloading the tasks involved in managing the entire printer fleet to a third party. This type of MPS solution includes not only supplies replenishment but also preventive and break/fix maintenance services as well as measuring and managing print volumes on each device. In either case, the objectives for implementing an MPS solution typically include reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

What Types Of MPS Solutions Does CDW Offer?

CDW's customers are diverse and so are their printing needs. That's why we offer a variety of Managed Print Services programs that can be customized to address your challenges and fit your particular requirements. CDW has a team of dedicated managed print specialists who will take the time to understand your printing environment and recommend a solution that is right for you.

CDW Printer Supplies Management Program

CDW's Printer Supplies Management Program is so much more than discounted supplies. This simple and unique offering, delivered by CDW's dedicated team of managed print specialists, includes preferred pricing on every printer supply item we carry, powerful printer management software, and access to all of the tools, reports, and resources needed to help you manage your printers and keep costs under control. This program is offered free of charge to our valued CDW customers!

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Comprehensive Managed Print Services Programs

For those customers looking to completely offload all printer management tasks to a third party, CDW also offers full-service programs that include in-depth assessment services, comprehensive device monitoring and management, and access to experts who will work with you to design and implement strategies for printer fleet optimization. Printer supplies replenishment and white-glove maintenance services are bundled and charged at a "per-page" rate.

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Getting Started With Managed Print Services

Printing represents one of the last (and largest) areas an organization can address in its efforts to reduce costs. Your CDW Account Manager and our team of managed print specialists are ready to help you lower the total cost of owning and operating the printers in your fleet. It all begins with gaining an understanding of your current printing environment. To help you accomplish this, CDW offers a NO CHARGE printer fleet assessment service. To learn more about this service, sign up to schedule an assessment, or call your CDW Account Manager today!

Nationwide Law Firm

Challenge: "We need to shrink our printer fleet and reduce our supply closets—our printer to worker ratio is nearly 1:1 and we have thousands of dollars in toner inventory that is going to expire!"
Environment (pre-MPS): 1100+ Single Function Mono Printers, 100+ Multi-Function Devices
CDW Solution: CDW implemented a MPS solution and started by capturing 3 months' worth of printer utilization data, identifying over 500 devices that were used at less than 10% of their capacity. We helped develop a strategy that would allow the customer to remove and reallocate their underutilized device, shifting more users to more centrally-located, high-volume devices. This resulted in a significantly reduced printer fleet which gave them a substantially improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) per device. With more print jobs being focused on fewer high capacity devices, the customer was able to make huge strides in reducing the types of toners they had to purchase. CDW also customized toner alerts based on the volumes and usage patterns or each device, drastically reducing the on-hand inventory required in the customer's supply closets. Year over year CDW was able to reduce the customer's expenditures on printer supplies by nearly $87,000.

Environment (post-MPS): 650 Single Function Mono Printer, 150+ Multi-Function Devices

Municipality in New Jersey

Challenge: "Our printers are not deployed efficiently and we know it's costing us too much money—we are looking for savings any place we can find it."
Environment (pre-MPS): 212 Mono Printers, 65 Color Printers, 57 Copiers
CDW Solution: : CDW tracked printer usage for nearly 6 months, factoring in page counts, the amount of toner hitting the page and the capacity the device was designed to handle. We then factored the total cost of ownership for every device in the fleet. We found dozens of printers being used beyond their optimal design, making them very expensive to operate because lower duty cycle devices are significantly more expensive on a per page basis. We also found that roughly 50% of the color fleet was significantly under-utilized. Our reports provided the city with the information they needed to not only shift assets between departments, but also to eliminate a number of costly color devices. The customer reported a savings of over $26,000 just through reallocating and eliminating their existing devices.

Environment (post-MPS): 197 Mono Printers, 32 Color Printers, 57 Copiers

Paper Company in North Carolina

Challenge: "We have too many different kinds of printers—we need to develop a standard going forward."
Environment (pre-MPS): ): 62 Mono Printers, 17 Color Printers, 3 MFPs
CDW Solution: CDW inventoried the customer's environment and found that they were operating on quickly aging fleet that consisted of 21 different models from 7 different manufacturers. After completing a thorough usage assessment, we were able to better understand how their workforce was actually utilizing the devices and build out a 24-month product-replacement roadmap for them. We provided a path that would let them go from several model types down to just three: low volume mono, low volume color, high volume MFP. This enabled the customer to institute a printer replacement policy gave them all of the functionality their end-users required, yet limited their choices to one of just three printer models from the same manufacturer. In addition, the new devices proved to generate a much better total cost of ownership, reducing their overall cost per print by nearly 50%.

Environment (post-MPS): 43 Mono Printers, 11 Color Printers, 11 MFPs



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