Break Ground On The Future Of Virtualization

Server virtualization is only the beginning. By extending virtualization concepts to network and storage resources, you can transform your data center from deeply siloed operations defined by hardware to highly automated resources designed around software.

Virtualization of compute, network, and storage lays the groundwork for a true software-defined data center (SDDC). Considered the future of IT, software-defined data centers are cost-effective, easy to configure, and simple to manage.

Our solution architects can draw up a virtualization plan tailored to your organization. In addition to maximizing the efficiency of your physical resources, they'll keep your data center standing through the challenges that lie ahead.

  • Bust Through Bottlenecks: In an SDDC, pooled network resources can be automatically applied to relieve bottlenecks and ensure application responsiveness.

  • Unify Management: The SDDC enables centralized monitoring and management of all data center resources, allowing IT administrators to allocate pooled resources from a single point of control.

  • Increase Agility: By achieving client virtualization through virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), organizations can quickly roll out applications to users on mobile and desktop devices.

  • Reinforce Security: Virtualization helps your organization's desktops, notebooks, and other mobility devices stay secure by keeping all data stored soundly in the data center—not on the device itself.