It's not hard for traditional data centers to sprawl into a disjointed hoard of equipment. On top of high-maintenance, outdated technologies, a growing hodgepodge of nonuniform systems can hinder performance and growth.

That's why no data center remodel is complete without converged infrastructure which combines servers, data storage, networking equipment, and software into a single unified computing system.

What's in our toolbox

CDW's solution architects will work closely with your organization to find the best servers, data storage devices, networking equipment, and virtualization software to optimize your data center with converged systems for your specific workload. Built from designs pre-validated to run the applications you depend on, our converged infrastructure solutions deliver consistent, reliable results that have been manufacturer-tested.

Our solution architects have the right tools to walk you through every aspect of the building process, from assessment and design to onsite implementation of integrated systems. But they'll also make sure you're equipped for what lies ahead.

SCALABILITY: Our converged infrastructure solutions are tailored to your workload but are scalable by design, preparing your organization for growth at a moment's notice.

SECURITY: Our converged infrastructure designs fully test and validate all software updates for security vulnerabilities.

CLOUD COMPUTING: Converged systems allow easy access to private clouds as well as hybrid cloud environments that combine private and public cloud infrastructure.

MOBILITY: In integrated systems, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) gives users a consistent experience across their mobile devices and allows IT to centrally manage client desktops.

FUTURE-PROOF: Our solution architects are trained to keep pace with the latest developments, including hyper converged systems and software-defined data centers, and they understand how these trends impact the investments you make today.



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