If hit with an emergency outage, your data center needs a backup solution that is flexible enough to sway through the quake—not crack and crumble.

But with the wide adoption of virtualization, the proliferation of mobility and BYOD, and the ever–growing avalanches of storage data, efficient backups are more challenging than ever.

Build a rock-solid backup system

CDW's solution architects will survey your data landscape and construct a custom backup solution for your data center using the latest tools.

  • Data deduplication eliminates redundant data to reduce storage needs and shorten recovery times.

  • Integrated technologies accelerate backup systems, simplify disaster recovery, and can preserve investments from legacy backup applications.

  • Cloud-based backup is ideal for integrated storage and offsite backups in case of emergency.

  • Centralized management software can simplify backup tasks for remote management including from mobile devices.

Backup solutions that incorporate data deduplication and centralized management software ensure that data stored on virtual machines remains unified and accessible while a cloud-based backup protects your data center at all times.



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