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What Is Business Intelligence?

Making key business decisions and identifying growth opportunities begin with data. CDW’s Business Intelligence (BI) solutions give your organization the key to the data, analytical output, and reporting it needs to make informed decisions.

Whether it’s insight into your supply chain, internal organizations, or client behaviors to strengthen relationships and gain competitive edge, a strategic BI solution can provide better business decisions for your company. Our capabilities across the BI stack, holistic approach, and range of market-leading vendor partnerships allow us to provide help at all BI maturity levels, from environments of basic spreadsheets to building advanced data model architectures and data warehouses.

How Will Business Intelligence Solutions Benefit My Organization?

Business Intelligence solutions can provide your organization:

  • Time to Insight—With Business Intelligence tools, your organization will be able to generate actionable insights more quickly from the growing volumes of internal and external data.
  • End-User Productivity—Business Intelligence can empower your end-users to extract and leverage insights real-time without having to depend on centralized IT resources. Quicker access to information for better decision making will result in more productive decisions.
  • Lowering TCO—Business Intelligence can help lower the TCO for your BI implementations by leveraging newer deployment models to offset your limited IT resources. Whether it is through tools your company manages itself or through a cloud base model, these delivery models can lead to a better ROI with your investments.

A good BI solution will be able to render reporting in an easily digestible format. More importantly, the data is easily and quickly available to those needing access to it, and is disseminated safely and securely. Business Intelligence solutions resolve:

  • Exponential data growth and rising complexity, but limited abilities in harnessing all forms of data, both structured and unstructured (Web logs, social).
  • Diverse data coming from many sources, and growing demands to meet the needs of different user groups.
  • Traditional BI applications that limit what can be analyzed and reported—based on rigid data models that take a long time to update and tune.
  • Current tools not keeping pace with the volume and velocity of all the data growth.

What Comprises A Business Intelligence Solution?

Effective BI solutions include the following elements:


An essential key to a successful BI solution is the software platform that facilitates gathering, analyzing, and reporting on the data.


Hardware components such as servers and storage provide the engines for disseminating information to clients.


Appliances are a preloaded, all-in-one solution to package hardware and software components together.


Make sure your BI solution’s holistic components—hardware and software—meet your reporting requirements with implementation and configuration services.

Getting Started With Business Intelligence

Your CDW Account Manager and certified Solution Architects are ready to assist you with every phase of choosing and leveraging the right solution for your IT environment. Our approach includes:

  • Business-driven approach toward BI solutions for customers—Our breadth of strong partnerships with market-leading BI vendors has helped us build deep capabilities across the BI stack, allowing us to leverage the right BI tools for the right business requirements.
  • Capability to build holistic BI solutions—From software, servers, storage, and networking, to reporting analytics, ETL tools, and data warehouses, our range of partner relationships helps us deliver best-of-breed and complete BI solutions for the customer, no matter where they are in their BI maturity and adoption lifecycle.
  • Full-service BI solution expertise—We develop and address all aspects of a BI solution, including security, compliance, and BI best practices, and provide expertise through the lifecycle of a BI solution deployment: assessment, design, proof-of-concept, implementation, and support.
  • Choice in BI deployment models—We offer a variety of BI deployment and consumption models. Whether you prefer to purchase the solution and keep it on your premises, or are looking to implement a cloud-based model, we’ll help pinpoint what makes the most sense for your organization.



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