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The time your staff spends assembling new equipment, installing software and configuring network settings could be better spent working toward your business goals. Our Configuration Centers roll out 1,820,000 products every year—more than 7,000 custom units a day, saving our customers time and resources with custom-configured products that are plug & play-ready out of the box.

Rolling out new technology with limited time and resources

No one likes to sacrifice productivity by taking talented in-house IT staff away from mission-critical projects to configure and deploy software on new PCs, tweak systems to conform to network standards or repackage defective equipment to return to the vendor. Managing the lifecycle of your IT implementation—from purchase to deployment to asset management—is a major responsibility. Getting it right to meet your organization's IT requirements is a demanding job in itself, but sparing talented in-house resources while sacrificing productivity is not the answer.

CDW's custom configuration services

Imagine being able to open your delivery and unwrap the perfect technology solution, already configured to your exact specifications and ready to plug and play. That's exactly what happens at CDW's two state-of-the-art, ISO 9001 and 14001 certified Configuration Centers, where we create preconfigured solutions with everything from hardware and software configuration to laser etching and asset management.

Technology that's ready to plug and play

Reduce Pressure on Your Staff: Free up your IT staff and resources to work on mission-critical projects.

Stay on Schedule: Deploy IT projects on schedule while saving time and money and increasing ROI.

Roll Out Solutions to Multiple Locations: With our custom turnkey solutions, you can ship fully configured systems directly to their final destinations.

Diminish Risk: Our intensive QA process reduces the risk of DOA (dead on arrival) equipment and ensures that your hardware and software are configured to your exact specifications.

See What We Can Do for You

At CDW, we're dedicated to helping your organization succeed with the right technology solution, right away. We know that sometimes you need more than off-the-shelf technology to satisfy the specialized requirements of your organization, and we're prepared to customize IT solutions to your exact specifications—fast. See which configuration services are right for you.

Hardware Configuration


Your Hardware is Ready to go

CDW's highly trained and certified technicians can configure your hardware before it ever leaves one of the distribution centers. There's no downtime, wasted resources or need to hire outside consultants. You save time and money and get the solution that fits your needs.

Watch our technicians custom-configure racks and mobile carts.

We'll Configure IT

We can help eliminate the labor-intensive tasks involved when new hardware and equipment is integrated into your environment.

End-User Hardware

We perform the key hardware installations you need for your desktops, notebooks and printers to ensure that your business is up and running quickly.

Servers and Storage

Let us install all of your server components directly into the systems before they ship. We can also assign the right RAID level to your drives, activate the ILO devices and upgrade all devices to the desired firmware revision.


We'll install all of your networking equipment, servers and storage devices to your specifications. We can preconfigure your switches, routers and firewalls before they ship. We can even remotely configure your existing on-site appliances after they've shipped.

Software Configuration Management and Computer Imaging


Deployment and Imaging is Simple

With our customized software deployment and computer imaging services, we can configure your operating system, custom BIOS and/or software settings to all your purchased desktops, notebooks, servers, iPads and other mobile devices—all prior to shipping. By allowing us to handle the repetitive software configuration processes before you receive your order, you save time when rolling out new systems.

What We Offer

Computer Imaging Services

Save precious staff time and resources. Let us preload your custom images onto systems before they ship—giving you faster deployment times. Learn more about our computer imaging services.

Advanced Computer Imaging Services

We can utilize your current software provisioning environment (i.e. Microsoft SCCM and MDT, Altiris, LANDesk, etc.) within the imaging process. We will house your secondary provisioning server at our deployment center to make imaging your systems quick and easy. With a static IP address and proprietary VPN connection, you have the ability to manage image updates on the fly. Learn more about our advanced computer imaging service and VPN services.

iOS and Android Configuration Services

Need to keep up to date with the latest mobility solutions? We'll customize your iPad or Android deployments by loading apps, settings or customized content. We'll even connect them with your mobile device management system or apply other mobile security settings.

Our Imaging In Action

"We now have the infrastructure, tools and network connection in place to quickly image computers and upload software any time we need them," says Ryan Whitman-Morales, director of technical operations for Portland Public Schools. Read more.

Custom Turnkey Solutions


You've Got Expansion Made Easy

We want to make sure your new technology solutions are ready to go when they arrive at your door. Whether it's delivering printers to a new office with the IP address pre-installed or configuring an entirely tested and functional Store-in-a-Box solution, our configuration experts will customize a solution that will ultimately save you time and money. You can feel confident that your new technology is properly customized, integrated, tested and ready to deploy "out-of-the-box" as soon as it's delivered.

Unbox Your Perfect Technology Solution

PrimeLending partnered with CDW to accelerate new branch openings. Read more about Branch-in-a-Box solutions.

How We Can Help

Joining Client Systems to Your Domain

Prior to shipment, we can connect systems to your domain over a virtual private network (VPN), making new system integration even easier. All you need to do is supply the preconfigured VPN appliance, and our team will tailor a solution to streamline your deployments and free up internal resources.

Custom BIOS and Firmware Upgrades

We can provide pre-set custom BIOS and firmware updates to eliminate the need for additional configuration when the product arrives at your location.

Data Capture

Let us capture vital information from your devices (i.e., MAC address, PO or asset information) and send them to your team prior to shipment. That way, you can pre-stage information into your databases to streamline new system integration onto your network.

Custom Inserts

We can drop a custom insert in with the equipment for the user to see when they first open the box.

IT Asset Management


You Can Mark and Protect Your Tech

Keeping track of your IT infrastructure can be a difficult endeavor, but our customized asset tagging makes it simple. We can label every piece of hardware with a unique asset number, which can be easily tracked online in your Account Center. This not only standardizes your physical inventory, but also enhances tracking capabilities of your assets, along with reducing the possibility of theft or loss.

What We Offer

Customer-Provided Asset Tagging

If you currently have an asset tag standard in place, we can store it and apply it to your equipment before it ships. This can free up your internal resources to focus on more critical tasks when the equipment arrives.

Basic Asset Tag Creation

Don’t have an asset tagging standard in place yet? No problem. We can create and apply custom-designed asset tags with your company logo to equipment before it ships.

Enhanced Barcode Tracking

For enhanced tracking and inventory management, we can capture vital information from your devices (i.e., MAC address, serial number, PO, warranty end date, etc.) and apply those details to a custom asset tag with corresponding barcodes.

Custom Engraving and Laser Etching

With our customized engraving and laser etching services, you can easily mark and identify your notebooks, iPads, Chromebooks and various portable devices for simplified inventory management. By adding your organization's logo and/or important contact info to the device, you can reduce the risk of theft or loss to your valuable assets while advertising your brand. To get started, see the laser indemnity agreement.

Custom Packaging Services


Your Equipment Ships Your Way

Imagine your order of desktops, notebooks, printers and accessories consolidated onto one palletized shipment with their corresponding accessories—everything labeled with the serial numbers and asset tags on the outside of the shipment. With our custom packaging services, you can eliminate the clutter of extra boxes and receive your new IT equipment packaged, labeled and consolidated for ease of delivery at your dock.

This new setup saves the district hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in labor and shipping costs and storage space. We no longer have to store computers on pallet after pallet; they just get shipped directly to the school.

— Ryan Whitman-Morales, director of technical operations for Portland Public School; see how we did it.

What We Offer


We can consolidate your IT shipment onto pallets with shrink wrap so you receive the entire shipment together instead of multiple shipments across multiple days.


Items can be bundled together into a single box to create a custom "care package" that ships to your desired destination. This can reduce deployment time by eliminating the need to repackage and ship the items to their final destination yourself.


We can label the outside of the parcels with vital information that will help your team easily identify and route shipments to their designated areas.

The CDW Approach

At CDW, we help you maximize the return on your IT investments by supporting the full lifecycle of your important IT initiatives, from assessment and design to deployment and ongoing management.





Our configuration services save you time and money in the deploy phase, making sure your equipment is up and running as quickly as possible.

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