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CDW understands the unique challenges facing startup businesses — we used to be one. Michael Krasny founded CDW at his kitchen table and guided the company to the Fortune 500 list. We believe in entrepreneurs and work hard to give them the tools they need to succeed. That's why we offer you a CDW Account Manager and solution architects at no cost. They work together to assist you with every phase of choosing and leveraging the right small-business IT solution.




We have account managers dedicated to small-business IT who can assist you with moving to the cloud and designing custom technology solutions that allow your business to grow and thrive.


We partner with leading startup incubators and accelerators to lead mentoring sessions and seminars dedicated to solving technology problems in a startup environment. Meet our startup incubator and accelerator partners:


After our latest round of funding, our startup added new talent rapidly. CDW had the products we needed in stock and made sure they arrived the next day. Our new developer team was able to get to work immediately rather than just sitting there twiddling their creative thumbs. Now, if we can only get the cable company to be as efficient as CDW.


CDW always treats you like a VIP despite the size of your account — ensuring you always have an account rep who looks out for your needs and makes sure you get the best service and deals. They are responsive and track down even the smallest item when it's needed!


There are very few companies left that handle small businesses and big businesses equally well — CDW is one of them. Even though we are small, [our account manager] really takes the time to understand what our needs are and is always on top of the latest so we can make the right choice.



Successful small businesses don't stay small for long, but a rigid IT infrastructure will constrain growth and prompt spiraling costs. Unfortunately, many startups lack the resources to take full advantage of new technology. Cloud solutions can help small businesses reach their growth and revenue goals, providing the IT capabilities they need in a way that is scalable, usable and budget-friendly.

At CDW, we specialize in aggregating the cloud services your small business needs, allowing you to focus on your core mission, rather than IT operations. See how we can help you add scale and infrastructure where it's needed, when it's needed, at a manageable cost.

Cloud Productivity

for Small Businesses


Be More Productive with Fewer Resources

How can you get more from your employees and your budget? For many small businesses, it means getting a little creative. It means embracing innovation. It means moving software to the cloud with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Here’s what the cloud can do for your small business.

Always On, Available Everywhere

From telecommuting to mobile computing, a cloud-based environment lends itself to startup innovation. You can assemble hybrid teams of onsite and offsite employees, contractors and external partners — who can all access the same apps and files from their computer, smartphone or tablet.

Scalability Made Easy

You can quickly increase or decrease IT capacity as needed to avoid getting caught with insufficient capacity — or getting stuck paying for capacity you don’t need. Plus, cloud services eliminate the need for your small business to install, update and patch productivity software bundles on every client machine and keep track of licenses.

Free Up Your Staff

Cloud computing lets your small business offload the headaches of software updates and hardware maintenance — leaving staff members to focus their energies on helping your startup meet its goals.

See What The Cloud Can Do

Cloud solutions let small businesses pay attention to their core operations instead of IT chores.
Read white paper (pdf).

We've got all the top cloud apps your small business needs, including Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Box and Adobe Creative Cloud. From assessment and planning to deployment and ongoing support, we'll ensure your startup gets a SaaS solution that elevates productivity without busting your bottom line. View our top SaaS offerings.

Cloud Security

for Small Businesses


Every Cloud Has a Secure Lining

Cloud-based security services are a great solution for small businesses that have neither the time nor the budget for a dedicated security professional. The applications act as a gateway between network traffic and end users both in and out of the office, delivering antivirus and antispyware protection, web traffic monitoring and protection, and inbound and outbound email scanning.

Easy Management

Streamlined, browser-based controls let you stay on top of threats.

Real-Time Updates

Cloud-based security applications update constantly.

Cloud Security Is Our Priority

By regulation, SaaS providers must comply with advanced, enterprise-grade security standards, thereby giving small businesses access to a level of security they might not otherwise have the resources to implement or afford. Additionally, CDW's cloud and security teams work together to assess your environment and risk level before recommending any cloud program, ensuring your sensitive data the highest level of protection. See how we keep your cloud secure.

Cloud Communications and Telephony

for Small Businesses


Seamless Communication & Collaboration

Communication is the lifeblood of every startup business. Whether users are working with colleagues down the hall or across the ocean, success depends on being able to gather, share and apply knowledge. Cloud-based communication software and services arm small-business workers with the tools to do just that.

Digital Telephony

Cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) phone services enable small businesses to deploy sophisticated features without the cost
and complexity of setting up dedicated servers, routers and other equipment.

Video Conferencing

Startups no longer need to deploy in-house servers and multipoint control units for video conferencing. Instead, a variety of conferencing endpoints — from high-end, room-based systems to PCs, tablets and even phones — connect to the cloud conferencing provider's network.

Web Conferencing

Better meetings make better business, and cloud services such as Citrix GoToMeeting and Microsoft Lync (via Office 365) can transform over-the-wire interactions to include integrated scheduling, remote file presentation and shared whiteboarding.

File and Content Collaboration

File-syncing services provide small businesses with seamless, secure and scalable storage over local and public networks, and ensure your staff and clients have access to up-to-date files, even offline.

CDW is one of the largest direct brokers of telecommunications and cloud services in the world, representing more than 75 voice and data carriers, 1,100 data centers and 42 cloud platforms worldwide. We've got the knowledge and the partners to help you design and roll out a cloud communication solution tailored to your startup's needs. Learn more about cloud collaboration.

Cloud Backup and Storage

for Small Businesses


Keep Your Data Safe and Working for You

Data is the true currency of the information economy, and no business can afford to put it at risk. Tiered storage systems spanning magnetic disks, optical discs and tape media can be expensive and difficult to manage for a small business. Data archiving services in the cloud minimize storage complexity for startups, providing scalable and cost-effective access to world-class storage infrastructures.

Storage That Grows with You

Business data can grow at an annual rate of 40 percent or more. Cloud storage lets you quickly scale your small business' storage capacity without paying for space you don’t need.

Disaster and Business Continuity

Is your small business prepared for a disaster? Cloud backup means that data, applications and an alternative IT infrastructure is always available at a moment's notice.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Most small businesses can't afford to hire a full-time data scientist to identify emerging customer trends or billing anomalies. But new cloud-based analytics services have put advanced business intelligence (BI) within greater reach, allowing small businesses to improve productivity, lower costs and gain insights into more efficient and effective operation.

CDW's extensive product portfolio and vendor-neutral advice help your startup business identify the best cloud storage and backup solutions for your needs. Learn more about our data backup and managed hosting solutions.

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