WAN & Application Optimization

Overcome challenges when network traffic gets heavy
Application optimization is more important than ever before – whether it’s over the WAN or in the LAN. Efficient application performance is a hallmark of any well-designed network. In a services anywhere environment, business critical applications could be anywhere. Email could be in a public cloud, file sharing could be in a private cloud — and CRM could be delivered Software-as-a-service (SaaS). 

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WAN Optimization Takes Flight


Our WAN & App Optimization Services

New networking technologies offer enterprises the opportunity to transform their networks from the destination-based model of the past to a flexible approach optimized for modern applications. Today’s intelligent wide area networking (iWAN) technology allows the adoption of transport independence, intelligent path control, network optimization and secure connectivity options designed to support modern use cases. For more insights from our Experts Who Get IT, check out our blog and Tech Solutions Library.



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