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Experience the Power of Data-Driven Decision-Making

CDW’s data and analytics experts deliver comprehensive solutions designed to uphold the highest standards of data stewardship, quality, accessibility, security, privacy and compliance. We integrate cutting-edge data management, governance, insights and strategy to help you effectively harness your data, creating immediate and tangible value for your organization.

Unlock the full power of your data today.

What is Data Management?

Effective data management is the cornerstone of unlocking your organization’s full potential. It encompasses the comprehensive handling, processing and governance of data to ensure its accuracy, security and accessibility. When executed properly, data management transforms raw data into valuable insights, driving strategic decision-making, enhancing reporting accuracy and fostering the adoption of innovative technologies. This transformation enables organizations to achieve competitive advantages, optimize operations and adapt swiftly to evolving business landscapes.

Drive Decision-Making with Data Strategy and Consulting

Develop a comprehensive data strategy aligning business goals with data utilization, ensuring optimal resource allocation and strategic data-driven decisions.

Future-Proof Your Data with Agile Ecosystems

Build agility into your data platforms, ensuring your organization can dynamically use data for decision-making no matter how technology changes. This adaptability ensures data remains accessible and ready for the future.  

Empower Everyone with Analytics and Business Intelligence

Democratize analytics and data science, empowering all levels of your business to adopt analytics with AI-infused solutions, which enhances decision-making capabilities and boosts your competitive advantage.

Build Trust with Robust Data Governance

High-quality data is not only essential for AI-powered applications, but your business goals also. CDW's structured Data Governance framework will ensure your data is scrubbed, reliable and compliant with regulatory laws.

Ensure Quality Data for Advanced Analytics and AI

Clean, well-organized and relevant data sets the stage for analytics and AI systems to produce accurate and actionable insights. Data quality is the cornerstone of any successful AI initiative.

Optimize Operations with Cloud Data Management

Digital transformation is driven by strategic, multi-cloud solutions and focused on efficient data handling and storage. This enhances flexibility and increases uptime and scalability so businesses align to operational demands.

Why Choose CDW Data and Analytics?

CDW Data and Analytics offers modern data solutions, products and professional services to help organizations stay competitive and extract the most value from their data. With a global network of business experts and technologists, CDW supports your entire data journey.

CDW AI ReadiData Advisory Services

CDW AI ReadiData Advisory Services

Maximize Your AI Potential

Streamline your path to AI adoption with our focused, multi-tiered approach. We provide detailed assessments, planning and implementation tailored to refine your data estate for AI and advanced analytics, ensuring a prepared and potent data landscape for transformative AI initiatives.

CDW Can Accelerate Your Business Outcomes

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Drive Innovation

A modern data platform can help organizations keep pace with evolving technologies because it can scale, grow and shift as data needs change.

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Improve Agility

Data orchestration can remove silos and bottlenecks for quick data access, create efficiencies using automation and reduce the complexity of creating and maintaining data pipelines.

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Manage Risks

Data governance leads to improved data quality and enhanced business reputation. It also protects the integrity and relevance of your data.

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Optimize User Experience

Schedule a consultation with our data experts to help optimize product development, enhance customer experience, increase return on investment and conduct accurate forecasting.

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