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CDW Offers Incident Response Solutions and Partners to Fit Your Security Needs

CDW Offers Incident Response Solutions and Partners to Fit Your Security Needs

Your business has never been more connected or more vulnerable. Cyber threats are a constant concern, and can cause serious harm if they aren’t handled quickly and capably. If you’re not properly prepared for an attack, hackers can invade your IT infrastructure, destroy your data and ruin your reputation. But with Incident Response Solutions, we can help you better manage risk by planning for and reacting to security threats using both strategic and tactical threat intelligence, along with fast response.

CDW partners with the industry's top incident response providers, offering solutions that integrate with the technologies that operate within your data center or existing cloud solutions. 

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Featured Incident Response Partner

Cyber Security Detection and Response by Verizon Enterprise



Verizon's Rapid Response Retainer is set up to help you plan your defense against possible threats and take fast action to identify and contain unexpected incidents. You’ll get a wealth of around-the-clock security support and benefits, including a designated expert, access to Verizon RISK intelligence, customized cyber intelligence, a cyber-incident capability assessment, an incident escalation hotline, response times backed by SLAs and expert security consulting support. 

Why CDW?

With nearly 20 years of experience, our team of more than 250 security professionals works with organizations of all sizes to deliver custom identity access management solutions, including identity management software and two-factor authentication. 

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We'll Take Care of:

Security Strategy Reviews

We evaluate your IT security strategy, spot low-cost and high-impact security initiatives and review resourcing and timing considerations.  

Security Assessments

Our elite team of white-hat hackers performs assessments and penetration tests for vulnerabilities within your network to give unbiased advice on risk management.

Custom Security Solutions

We review your business needs and evaluate your existing environment to develop and recommend a comprehensive solution.

Vendor Comparisons

Working with a large group of industry-leading partners, we can help you compare multiple vendors and find your ideal fit.  


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