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Use JAGGAER to Curb
Maverick IT Spending with
a CDW Integration

With built-in controls that minimize errors and prevent overspend, eProcurement integration with JAGGAER makes it easier and more cost effective for you to work with CDW for all of your IT needs.

Whether you're already working with JAGGAER or are just getting started, our experts offer turnkey integrations and holistic advice backed by 20 years of experience.

Request a discovery meeting to begin your CDW integration with JAGGAER today!

Unlock Peak IT with CDW eProcurement Integration

When you integrate your eProcurement system with CDW, you get access to our entire inventory of products and services. We work with you to create a custom static or dynamic catalog with pricing and features specific to your needs.

14-Year Partnership with JAGGAER

Over our 14-year partnership with JAGGAER, we've completed more than 279 integrations, giving you the benefit of efficient customer service and extensive product expertise.

Free Integrations for Existing Customers

Current JAGGAER eProcurement customers can take advantage of no-cost integrations with CDW. Plus, all customers have direct access to our on-staff IT experts, specializing in wired and wireless networking, security, cloud services and more.

Custom PunchOut Solutions

We support the ability for multiple PunchOut solutions for different end user experiences and/or flat file catalogs. We'll customize your integration to meet your organization's individual needs.

Call 888.419.7347 or request an integration discovery meeting above to get started.

Call or request an integration discovery meeting above to get started.