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Unused and underutilized software is money down the drain. And it all adds up. But decreasing shelfware and maximizing ROI doesn’t just eliminate waste — it boosts productivity and lets you spend money where you need it most. From selection to implementation and training, CDW can orchestrate a solution that makes software adoption simple and seamless. 

Inaccurate and Insufficient Planning

All the prep work and configuration that goes into deploying software has to coincide with understanding potential roadblocks and forecasting your organization’s unique needs. And that can be a tall order. 

Underutilized Applications

Even when software is successfully deployed, a lot of it ultimately goes untouched. And that wastes budget and slows down productivity. 

The Fear of Change

User workflows and habits are constantly shifting. Understanding your workers’ dependency on existing applications or their hesitancy to try new software can get in the way of newer and better. 

Deployment and Planning Services

Our engineers and software experts deliver valuable, vendor-specific experience to help you assess your software and business needs and recommend solutions that make sure both work together. We’ll also help you evaluate feasibility on your existing hardware and networks and build a plan that incorporates user insights and needs. 

Piloting and Testing

Our integration services iron out any technical issues and challenges. And we test on small groups of users prior to organizationwide rollouts to improve the user experience and collect more insights. 

ROI Assessments 

CDW can help you identify areas where you can increase or recover value. And our field-based resources can provide a cost analysis and develop the right approach to increase ROI. 

Training and Education

CDW training can help your users become familiar and comfortable using your new software. Additionally, our vendors offer training and incentives such as: 

The Microsoft FastTrack Center

The Microsoft FastTrack Center helps maximize deployments while minimizing challenges with trial subscriptions for testing and training resources that include videos, tutorials and self-directed courses.


Brainstorm can help get users up to speed with thousands of short, searchable training clips, quick-start tips and instructor-lead trainings. And Brainstorm’s monthly “Quick Cast” webinars reinforce training and promote new software adoption. 

Get More Out of Your Software

Instead of wasting your money on shelfware, you can invest it more efficiently. 

Greater Productivity

With more efficient tools at their fingertips, your users will have greater firepower and more features that speed up workflows. 

Smoother Integration

With our expertise and partnerships, you get a seamless adoption experience without the usual hiccups, false starts and obstacles.

Software License Specialists

Our Software License Specialists are certified in a wide array of licensing programs and vendors.

License Account Executives

CDW’s field-based resources are available for on-site meetings to help plan for software needs and provide cost analysis. 

Partner and Technical Specialists

We can provide in-depth, technical knowledge on specific software products. Their manufacturer training and certification prove invaluable when recommending the right approach for your organization.

Software Manufacturer Representatives

CDW maintains close relationships with vendors to provide customers (and ultimately their users) with the latest information and support on their ever-evolving software applications.


of organizations say that 21% or more of their software license entitlements were not being used.1


of organizations surveyed said their software spend did not pay for any shelfware.1

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1 Flexera Software 2016: "The State of the (Software) Estate: Waste Is Running Rampant in Enterprises, 2016 Key Trends in Software Pricing & Licensing Survey Report."