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Perfect Harmony

Students can make beautiful music
together in a personalized learning classroom.
And sit-to-stand desks help.
Every great musical composition has at least two components to make it come to life: talented musicians and top-notch instruments. The same is true of a K–12 classroom, where lessons sometimes are only as solid as the methods and tools used to teach them.  

Imagine the classroom as an orchestra, with the teacher as the conductor. Each child has individual learning needs met by a personalized learning model, which means it doesn’t matter what types of instruments these little maestros are playing — the conductor is prepared to help them harmonize and play a beautiful melody together by teaching them as individuals first.

And she will teach them no matter what section of the orchestra — or classroom — they choose to sit in, whether it’s in the flute section or at a sit-to-stand desk.

Check out our infographic to learn how sit-to-stand desks from Ergotron and other technologies are helping to support personalized learning models so students can make music together in the classroom. 

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