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UPS Battery Backups. Orchestrated by CDW.

Imagine that you have just finished writing your company's mission statement, solving a complex issue, writing a big report or creating a new product when the power suddenly surges and goes out. If you're on a laptop, which has a built-in back-up battery, you can save your work and get on with life. But if you're not and haven't saved your data, you face a significant risk that everything you worked on is gone.

Don't let that happen by getting an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), better known as a battery backup. Saving your work is one important reason to have a UPS. Another is to reduce unnecessary stress from power surges, a leading cause of hardware failures that render your devices unusable and often beyond repair.

Pick the right UPS unit for your business by choosing between standby, line-interactive, or double-conversion units. Be doubly prepared by buying a UPS replacement battery in case you need longer battery life during power outages. 

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