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There is a slight panic that ripples through people when the power surges or goes out when an important electronic device is plugged into an outlet. Don't let your business risk the loss of your equipment by protecting it with the appropriate surge suppressors.

Electronic devices are more sensitive than ever thanks to their advanced technology. This makes them susceptible to the unnecessary stress caused by power fluctuations. Do you want even one expensive piece of business equipment to be lost because you didn't spend a few extra dollars for a quality surge suppressor when setting up your office?

Designed to suppress any excess voltage that comes through your power line into your electronic devices, surge suppressors offer protection in joules. Pick a suppressor rated with over 2,000 joules of protection to keep your most important, and expensive, devices safe.

A power strip surge suppressor offers multiple outlets for plugging in electronic devices, guards against power surges, and sits on the floor with a long power cord and plug. These are perfect for employee offices. Rackmount surge suppressors are designed to fit within racks and enclosures in your business where multiple networking products and other devices are housed in one central location.

Your business needs to protect itself from every threat, including the threat of power surge and sudden loss. Let CDW help you find the surge suppressor that is right for your business.

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